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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: kings of the rollers
3x12" Vinyl UK 04.07.19
the debut album from serum, voltage & bladerunner as kings of the rollers.
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cd NL 02.12.11
the xxlerator concept has become the longest running hardstyle club night of europe. it is one of the most successful nights hosted by club matrixx, where many well-known hardstyle djs have taken their place behind the decks. this particular club has been at the top of the dutch club scene ever since the doors were swung open 10 years ago. it has understandably been voted as the number one club of the netherlands three times. club matrixx stands for quality and they will no doubt prove it to you once more with an incredible compilation cd. behind the scenes, club matrixx teamed up with one of the biggest hardstyle artists in the world today: ran-d. this man has a large amount of memorable sets at parties like defqon.1, decibel, intents festival, emporium and xxlerator. in addition, his discography displays a high rate of quality and quantity with regards to his productions. ran-d pulled out all the stops to put together this cd. the result is a brutal mix with a perfect combination of raw and euphoric tracks. pure hardstyle will project from your speakers with the sounds of italian hardstyle legend the rebelz, a records and gunz for hire colleague adaro and of course the hottest tunes from noisecontrollers. he also added tracks from other great producers such as: alpha, psyko punkz, coone and crypsis. this album puts every hardstyle lover in the party mood and is a must have for any collection.
Scantraxx Recordz
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3x cd NL 14.02.12
this year hard style event promoter b2s is organizing a new edition of hard bass. the 4th edition of this huge and already sold out event will take on saturday the 11th of february at the gelredome stadium. on this night it s all about hardstyle and again b2s divides the party over 4 areas yellow, red, green and blue and selected sixteen of the best djs and acts. the 4 headliners of the different areas are also mixing and compiling the cd s and this year we selected the best of the best with: the pitcher, luna, frontliner and chris one. expect a lot of new and exclusive material which is a perfect reflection of what sounds hard bass is all about. a great start to the new year with this 4cd must have compilation!
Be Yourself
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