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12" Vinyl ( / 180g / hand stamped) D 19.12.18
vinyl only, 180g, hand drawn, hand stamped (with his own number). michel degen presents the new vinyl only label: >sanguina records.< the cover is hand drawn and every vinyl are hand stamped with his own number, so every record is unique, additional the vinyls are 180g. of course, a vision like this must be matched with music of equal calibre. for the swiss imprints debut, we have organize an impressive v/a featuring the productions of kepler.,, michel degen, mikhu, and drea. the v/a beginn with the side a1, the hypnotic >quiet storm< by and michel degen. its a thought-provoking track with gorgeous melodies and slow, swingy romanian vibes. key-led tensions ebb and flow in this multi-layered cut, as each element effortlessly drives the track forward. with a kick that comes and goes, it becomes impossible not to get swept up in the tracks mind-melting loops. on the a2 is mikhus >sorry<, a groovier affair, with a teasing, wistful vocal. the tracks emotive effect is reminiscent of when patagonia’s >chi ci pensa< tugged at our heartstrings, but with a more melancholic flavour, fitting for the winter months. flip it over to the b2, where kepler. indulges his signature punchy flavour in >elp<. zappy hats and full bodied kicks intoxicate in this techier number. rounding off the four-tracker, is drea with >timestein<: a clubby body-mover, with a deep bass and hallucinogenic vocal. all four tracks move beyond the functional, offering listeners an intense journey that is perfect for dancefloor debauchery.
Sanguina Records
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9.99 EUR *
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