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12" 18.07.19
hot on the heels of his recent remix ep, featuring revisits from top-shelf groove manipulators antigone, adiel, iori and museum, paul ritch continues on the path of sonic introspection initiated by his albums >iiiiiiiiiiiiii< and >k.a.c.z.m.a.r.e.k< with >czak<. one to teleport you to the deep webs most enigmatic circuits and secret pathways, his newest effort under the kaczmarek guise finds the frenchman uncovering a mother lode of unremittingly dark and brooding techno, laced with cyphered electro fulgurances and ambient-tinged divagations outside the confines of functionality and dj-friendliness.
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12" 25.02.19
after getting a hot cast of remixers (vril, sterac, lewis fautzi...) to reinterpret his debut full-length as kaczmarek last year, paul richard (aka paul ritch) gives his second lp k.a.c.z.m.a.r.e.k similar treatment as the talented likes of dutch production duo museum, japanese experimentalist iori, parisian techno stalwart antigone and on-the-rise italian 4/4 epics trader adiel take the reins and add their personal key to the frenchmans deeper-than-deep hypnotic delicacies, all primed for extended drifting on the dance floor and beyond. time to heed the call of the depths.
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K.A.C.Z.M.A.R.E.K (2X12INCH)
2x12" (fullcover) 09.10.18
k.a.c.z.m.a.r.e.k”, from the title to the sounds, is intended to be a more personal project for paul ritch – indelibly closer to the confluences of sounds that he hears embodying the spirit of kaczmarek. he drives the mind’s eye deep into the inner-ear with the album’s spacious opening tracks, only to leave your head bobbing with the extraterrestrial rhythms that emerge as the main body of the album. moody and foreboding, loaded with the scattered, staccato and broken beats, more ovular than linear in composition and ranging from vaporous-ambience to hyperventilating grooves, the nine tracks on this album defy categorisation. the “k.a.c.z.m.a.r.e.k” album will give the listener a deep well to return to. the vinyl release will be a fittingly rare issue – only 100 numbered copies are going out, while digital releases will run parallel. keeping with the dark and cryptic theme of the first releases russian artist, sasha sime, is back for his third kczmrk cover design
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12" (shrinked) 12.02.18
to differentiate between his solo dance-oriented work to the darker tones, kaczmarek aka paul ritch launched his new album titled iiiiiiiiiiiiii on october 30th on his fresh imprint kczmrk. kczmrk is definitely a more personal project for paul, helping him define a newly found darker and more genuine taste to produce electronic music, which would even the most demanding audience left surprised. kaczmareks immersive sounds on his debut album were highly supported by respected artists of the underground scene such as sterac, vril, lewis fautzi, vsk and djedjotronic, who will contribute reworks that will come out in a remix ep in february 2018. the 12inch is gently introduced with a sophisticated remix of iiiii by techno pioneer sterac aka steve rachmad, continuing with vril’s remix of iiiiiiiiii who delivers beautiful ambient tones in a euphoric travel of sound. the b side begins with emerging talent lewis fautzi and his iiiis remix in a deep and hypnotic cut, followed by the curtesy of vsk and djedjotronics remixes of iiiiiiiii. vsk sticks to the dark and hard forms of techno with glimmer of deeper and industrial sounds while djedjotronic enrich kaczmareks dark techno tones with some futuristic idm.
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3x12" 30.10.17
paul ritch has undertaken a new project titled kaczmarek, which will be the introductory act on his new kczmrk label.
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