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12" Vinyl UK 31.07.19
next slammin 90s house by kerri chandler
Strictly Rhythm
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.10.18
the strictly rhythm imprint is legendary and is instantly recognisable by connoisseurs worldwide. it s a label that has contributed time and time again to dance music culture across it s almost 30 year lifespan. countless classics passed through the nyc offices of mark finkelstein and gladys pizarro and this brand new strictly classics series looks to celebrate this cornerstone dance label and it s immense catalogue by going back to the archives and presenting some double-header action for diehard fans and newcomers alike. that s right, the proper mixes, reissued from source and remastered to the highest spec, each track spread across one side of a 12- for optimal sonic playback.
Strictly Rhythm
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.03.18
kerri kaos chandler dropping some neat mid 90 s nyc/nj house pressure on the mighty strictly rhythm! that s right, another little gem mined outta the sr archives, from deep within! under control across 4 mixes gives us that sound, that hard kicking kc groove that we all know & love. an oft overlooked number from kerri s catalogue under control will appeal to all fans of real deal house music. featuring longtime collaborator yahya mcdougald on vocal duties this one ticks all the boxes and has been given some tasty 2018 remastering treatment and repressed onto a high quality, weighty 12inch for all you record lovers out there, this one will keep them moving in the mix. perfect nyc/nj house sounds here, untouched and represented in its original 1993 form with original strictly label artwork, no sleeping permitted!
out of stock
10.69 EUR *
4xcd UK 02.04.15
strictly dj t! 25 years of strictly rhythm!4cds limited edition! cd1 mixed, cd2, cd3, cd4 unmixed!
Strictly Rhythm
Last Copy!
12.29 EUR *
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