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12" Vinyl UK 18.09.18
silicone soul welcome the return of old friend justin robertson as he brings his much loved deadstock 33s project back to darkroom dubs. last spotted on the label only a matter of weeks ago with infinite interchange on the darkroom dubs presents summer love collection, here he builds on the momentum with two more singular missions deep into the timeless analogue abyss. whats more, they come covered with a print of one of justins very own hand-drawn pieces. dr. spectro on the frontier marks the start of this new deadstock trip. celebrating the lesser spotted dc super villain who could control people’s emotions with a brazen line or two of sinewy acid what starts off dark and gnarly gradually unfolds into a much more emotional narrative. watch out for the harmonic riff that rekindles feels of raving fields and a salvo of chords towards the climax that genuinely will control your emotions. the music is madness (to those who cannot hear it), meanwhile, is more than just a poetic title. already a summer anthem at a love from outer space, it s a roomy, cosmic affair that’s laced with layers of trippy textures and chugs at a cool 120. its one of justin’s classic signature smouldering sessions, what ostensibly seems forlorn and introspective is actually coded with deep hope and positivity. youd be mad not to hear it. youd be mad not to stay tuned too. for the first time in darkroom dubs history, this release and all this years vinyl dispatches will be released digitally as part of an end of year compilation, tales from underground vol. 1 and will also feature an exclusive silicone soul remix of rigopolar & cannibal inks thousand years before. and to round the year off? the long-awaited new single from silicone soul themselves.
Darkroom Dubs Limited
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12.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 24.08.16
double vinyl release with download code for the full album included.
Skint Records
in stock
23.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.04.16
justin robertson’s deadstock 33s released an acclaimed album in 2015, ‘everything is turbulence’, picking up plaudits from leading press, djs and music fans alike. now the label behind the lp, skint records, offers up the first batch of fascinating remixes from a broad array of dance music talents. running back boss gerd jansen, techno titan oliver deutschmann and argentinian house heroes (& vocal collaborators) dj pareja take on ‘metal taste’ and ‘bajo la luna’ with stunning results.
in stock
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.01.18
nice price deal !!! dimitri veimar is the kind of musical discovery that, were i were a religious man, i would go to bed and pray for every night. modern day acid house that stays below the 120bpm mark but retains a certain punch whilst having an air of techno cool and swagger to it. - daniel avery talking to dummy
Darkroom Dubs Limited
out of stock
4.95 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 20.09.13
while this album could have gone down a rather obvious route, with the remixers of the asphodells album *ruled by passion…*, andrew weatherall looked a little closer to home.
mainly revolving around the axis - the group of locally-based producers who can be spotted in and out of weatheralls shoreditch studio bunker - reworkings from the likes of phil kieran, scott fraser, hardway bros, justin robertson and ivan smagghe soon came to light.
this idea lead to a broad range of styles with something for everyone. we have stopped arguing in the office about which is the best track. they all are.
Rotters Golf Club
out of stock
29.99 EUR *
pic 12" Vinyl D 17.01.12
limited picture disc, with gesaffelstein & justin robertson rmxs
Because Music
out of stock
10.99 EUR *
cd UK 19.10.16
wenn das anfang des jahres erschienene und mit lob überschüttete convenanza ein destillat der einflüsse weatheralls war, so geht consolamentum einen schritt weiter. für dieses remixalbum lud der legendäre dj und produzent alte und neue freunde ein, die convenanza tracks in ihrem ureigenen stil zu remixen. an bord sind angesehene musikarchitekten wie david holmes (als unloved), justin robertson und bernard fevre (black devil disco club), während heretic, red axes, solar bears und vox low die garde des talentierten nachwuchses stellen.
Rotters Golf Club
out of stock
11.99 EUR *
cd UK 10.09.13
als meisterliche fusion aus gitarre, synths und beats wurde das asphodells debuetalbum ruled by passion, destroyed by lust von der fachpresse bezeichnet. andrew weatherall und tim fairplay luden daraufhin freunde und nachbarn ein, darunter ivan smagghe, justin robertson und daniel avery, ihre eigenen interpretationen zu erstellen. das ergebnis ist eine elektronische exkursion voller ideenreichtum und stilvielfalt, die es dem hoerer nicht leicht macht, den besten track zu benennen, denn sie sind es alle.
Rotters Golf Club
Last Copy!
14.99 EUR *
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