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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: justin robertons deadstock 33s
7" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
dive-bar turned record label paradise palms presents a brand new 7inch from veteran producer justin robertson, a man with over 23 years experience as an innovator and restless proponent of fascinating forward-thinking music. his tireless work ethic has ensured that he remains one of the most relevant and exciting dj/producers around, as a whole new generation of electronic enthusiasts will sweatily testify. justin s latest incarnation as the deadstock 33s has been garnishing lavish praise from figureheads such as andrew weatherall and erol alkan, as well as a diverse cross-section of fresh talent, from daniel avery to eats everything. cyborg holiday snaps is a double-whammy 7inch of alien machine funk crafted by the rave pilot himself. the titular track launches head&#64257,,,,rst into hissing electro territory with pounding rhythms and detroit-strength bass stabs, while numerical discord is a low-slung 110bpm acid weapon.
Paradise Palms
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11.49 EUR *

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