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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: joseph capriati / cari lekebusch / fergie
12" Vinyl + cd NL 07.07.11
following recent excursions for adam beyers drumcode imprint, joseph capriati delivers some hand picked remixes of tracks taken his 2010 lp save my soul. cari lekebusch and fergie remix the young neapolitan producer who has won a host of influential patrons such as dave clarke, billy nasty, slam, chris liebing and the advent in recent years. cari lekebusch, who needs no introduction, is up first and tackles gmid. the result is a purposeful, hypnotic and mechanical slice of linear techno that uses a fever-dream series of overlapping soundscapes to brilliant effect. british dj/producer and ex-radio 1 host, fergie, adds to proceedings of with his mix of noise to noise - a shuffling immaculately produced slice of contemporary techno with an arrangement aimed squarely at the floor. analytic trail has been instrumental in creating what is now recognized as the neapolitan techno sound. the labels dynamic and inventive approach is the key to their success and the name analytic trail is synonymous with the italian big-room techno sound. launched in 2001 by markantonio the label currently sits proudly at the head of italys vibrant techno scene
Analytic Trail
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