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coloured 12" 07.12.15
i m in love is back on the main label with a huge two track package. joschka tschirley und sebastian habben, together well known as raucherecke, contribute one track each. on the a-side you ll find an epic techno bomb - tschirley-style - that shows some similarities to the duo’s early works… on the flip sebastian habben delivers a groovy techno jam matched by some really deep synths! you also got to check the yellow vinyl and it’s fresh design!
pressing on solid yellow vinyl.
I m In Love
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6.96 EUR *
12" 27.05.14
after forming a successful dj and production duo, live set, club nights, and solo gigs, it is only natural what comes next. in march of 2014, i m in love becomes a record label and hits the shelves with their first release – a vinyl only debut from the hands of joschka tschirley. *alpha centauri* and *proxima centauri* are brilliant examples of tschirleys journey through techno since forming raucherecke in 2007. both tracks exude his warm style with emotional pads, balearic infused percussion, and just enough melody to lose yourself in. tschirley captures familiar moments from the duos past productions while layering his new ideas taken from countless live sets, dj sets, and only the best memories from the i m in love club nights.
I m In Love
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