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2x12" Vinyl D 24.10.19
the jonas brothers are back together and bring their new album “happiness begins”. the double vinyl is housed in a gatefold sleeve.
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VOL. 142 (2X12 INCH)
2x12" Vinyl UK 10.07.09
ultimix takes it to the next level!! tracks by jonas brothers, lindsay lohan, jordin sparks, the ting tings, young jeezy feat kanye west, vanessa hudgens, estelle feat kanye west and mac project feat therese!
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18.51 EUR *
2x cd D 24.08.11
sunrise is the largest outdoor festival in poland and this year the cds are mixed by the two variables in trance / progressive namely by judge jules and marcel woods. judge jules has been a pioneer in the global dance scene and still hosts one of the most listened to dance programs on bbc radio1. expect beautiful melodies interspersed with great progressive tracks and you have a real jules mix cd 2 is attributable to the netherlands pride, marcel woods, who also made this years anthem, called ??sunrise. be ready for mix of house, trance, tech house and progressive as marcel woods serves it you all. this sunrise 2011 compilation is a perfect and complete overview of what to expect at the this festival and in fact at all contemporary festivals. get into the mood for festivals and join the sunrise trip 2011.
High Contrast Recordings
Last Copy!
18.51 EUR *

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