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12" Vinyl UK 17.12.13
between the two of them, jenifa mayanja and lola (aka dakini9) have over 20 years experience in nycs electronic music community as producers/djs and label owners. they return with their newly launched joint label and music collective sound warrior with their second release riding high on the buzz created by their first outing which was well charted and reviewed.
Sound Warrior
in stock
12.66 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 10.04.13
between the two of them, jenifa mayanja and lola (aka dakini9) have over 20 years experience in nycs electronic music community. here, they have combined forces for the first time to launch a new label and music collective: sound warrior. jenifa & lola envision sound warrior as a forum for developing and promoting women electronic music producers. based on their own, and the combined wisdom of other women in the scene, jenifa & lola decided to create this platform as a community for women electronic music artists, and hope to grow the idea into far beyond a record label. starting things off with a split 12 inch, jen and lola deliver two distinct takes on percussion-heavy, ritualistic deep house.
Sound Warrior
out of stock
10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 24.09.14
jenifa mayanja and dakini9 (aka lola) are back with the third installment on their label sound warrior, this time with two new artists beginning to make a name for themselves in the underground electronic music scene.
Sound Warrior
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11.69 EUR *

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