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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: jayson wynters / kiddmisha / duccio / weakmassive
12" Vinyl UK 05.12.18
while perfectly fitting the deep house cabinet, this ep taps on various styles within this genre. jayson wynters, well known for his releases on mr gs phoenix g label and dont be afraid, sets the pace with sherellas kiss a powerful groove and beautiful chord pads embedded in an upbuilding percussive atmosphere. this is a very personal track from jayson and this dedication to sherella is testimony to the immortality that can be found in the power of a soulmate. italian artist duccio, who previously released on the label greta cottage workshop delivers a melodic track with mediative vocals while ukraines kiddmisha gets his well deserved second appearance on batti batti with an immersive electro cut. hailing from chicago, the artist weakmassive makes his debut to the label with a smooth acidic track which could be a perfect opening or an encore to a long night out!
BBR 15
Batti Batti Records
in stock
10.25 EUR *

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