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12" Vinyl UK 11.09.18
japanese newcomer -jtt- unveils their debut vinyl on their own label yu-zen-. jtt consists of two guys, takayuki hosoda and dj java. most of their tracks are deep and micro house and nudisco music. -tone river- is one of the typical masterpieces of their tracks. it has a tense and dreamy atmosphere. it s a very simple but enough to be addicted one. -lotus root- has a mystical atmosphere. your brain can feel good unique sound effect sense. you will be into it. mastering by kuniyuki takahashi. according to his careful work these tracks have a high level of completeness.
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.09.17
the street edits label has been playing it cool and deadly since 2013, and now hits its tenth release with two crucial jams for the heads-down party heads. jtt, a shadowy figure with links to the bristol scene, gets deep in the chop-up on -know 2 much-, eschewing any obvious vocal licks in favour of the heavy, rolling funk of his source material. boogie cafe takes a different approach with -dynamite-, letting the core of the track shine through in all its bright, brassy glory. when he does go in for the cuts and fx on the breakdowns, it s oh-so sweet though. this is how edits should be done.
SE 010
Street Edits
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9.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl US 13.01.10
150 loops from the industries top producers / remixers!! feat armand van helden, dj serg, lenny bertoldo and dj domingo!!
DJ Wholesale Club
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8.99 EUR *
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