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12" 24.11.21
limited repress! gourmand proudly presents this highly addictive ep, packed with raw, underground grooves from a handful of producers known for quality and bad-ass beats. slow city groove is flavored with jr s unique and underground, chugging sound. it might be a slow groove but it sure as hell will make your neck snap. killin the funk together is the result of two brilliant artists doing a collabo in all the right ways. the beat flows perfectly with the bassline, and the trippy vocal hook is the icing on the cake. robsoul maestro, phil weeks, lays down a raw, ghetto dubbed remix. signature beats layered with groove so hypnotic your body starts to jack.
Gourmand Music Recordings
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12" 03.12.20
minneapolis deep house label open sound makes its debut vinyl release featuring french producer jr from dallas. jr, owner of gourmand records, is known for his funky and thick deep house style. remix by acg, the owner of open sound, which has been releasing digitally since 2017.
Open Sound
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8.39 EUR *
12" shrinked 13.12.16
limited repress due to high demand on requests. eating records was born in the brussels underground scene, inspired by the idea of synthesizing two different horizons to get a beautiful concept. in the beginning it was simply the need to go back to roots and try to connect with the present and future, but eventually it ended up with a modern groovy label. the first release of the label was not that easy to find. the eclectic worlds of the two members did not really help them. but that was until they found jr from dallas - a talented dj producer from lille, owner of gourmand music recording - maybe food is the key... who knows ? jr has always been a forward-moving artist, but his music cannot - and should not - be mapped linearly. after releasing on labels as farris wheel recordings and greenhouse recordings, he had nowhere to go but backward for his new ep on eating records to its 90 old school beats and hypnotizing basses. phonical deep is gorgeous and evocative all the same. technival is stylish enough, and it is as restlessly creative as you would expect. it is followed by the hypnotic and beautiful remix of jay bliss of phonical deep - the eps final track. the fact is, jay bliss has managed to create something so refreshingly unique that trying to categorize and label his remix is rather dubious. he transformed the original melodic part to a blissful pad embellished with a repetitive rhythm spiced with tiny subtle details. it is easier to see this remix as the backbone of electronic music - simple and repetitive but never boring.
Eating Records
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2x12" fullcover 06.06.16
raw house and ghetto beats coming straight out from the underground. for his first album on gourmand music recordings, jr from dallas offers us what he is best at: he cooked for us 8 wonderful tracks elaborated with love and his digging expertise. jrs agility and love for house music allows him to collaborate with different artists in many different genres, adding his heavy and strong sound signature and flavour to the tracks. he invited 4 of his friend to participate to his musical journey: hatelate the french house prodigy edited on and ondule recordings, ryutaro and go aka dj lulu and dj gas, the japanese rising stars of underground house edited on gourmand music recordings and frosted recordings and lastely nouskynousk and his funky goove and french house touch, part of the gourmand family for more than 3 years now and also edited on moodyhouse recordings. you will discover in this album all jrs love to share his vision and contribution to the underground house !, hope you will enjoy those track full of funky, disco and soul cutz so significative of jrs music!
Gourmand Music Recordings
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13.92 EUR *
12 Inch 21.06.12
pumpin chicago / disco house madness
out of stock
6.87 EUR *
12" 10.02.14
piston recordings label boss rogerio martins is next up on his own well-established label with a new track that gets plenty of great remix treatment from joss moog, james dexter and jr from dallas. martins has steered his label through a dizzying amount of quality releases since 2007 picking up support from the likes of laurent garnier and john aquaviva who have confirmed themselves as fans in the past and this new release is sure to find just as much favour with the top dogs. >gonna be mine< is the one martins original and is a classical inclined bit of mature house music with sombre piano chords draped over nicely shuffling percussion. subtle human sounds litter the arrangement and more lively stabs enter the fray in the latter half but essentially this is all about the warm and inviting groove.
Piston Recordings
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12" 05.07.13
piston recordings is back on plastic with its third vinyl outing. >ghetto tales ep< delivers four superb deep house cuts from top quality artists including label boss rogerio martins, jr from dallas, dimitry liss and j.cub.
Piston Recordings
out of stock
6.55 EUR *

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