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7" Vinyl D Pre sale
ivan nevilles dance your blues away wurde original 1979 auf cookies veröffentlicht und ist seitdem sehr begehrt. erste offizielle neuveröffentlichung seit der ursprünglichen pressung.
13.69 EUR *
4x cd UK 22.08.16
during the mid 1980s, there were few more vibrant venues in london than the iconic wag club. while the club s musical offering was wide, between 1983 and 87 it became closely associated with the capital s rare groove, disco and jazz-dance scenes. it s this aspect of the club s history that chris sullivan explores on wag: iconic tunes from the wag club 1983-87. over the course of four discs, sullivan has gathered together some superb cuts. while the epic tracklist is undeniably weighted towards fairly well known scene anthems (think party-starters from james brown, dinosaur l, aaron neville, cerrone, digital underground and ray buretto, for starters), sullivan has wisely thrown in a few forgotten, or recently overlooked gems.
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25.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 08.10.14
mellow mellow right on return with two splendid re-edits of much sought after boogie and modern soul classics. flowers for real is a midtempo killer that has filled dance floors across the globe for the past thirty years with its rich soaked strings and warm hearted lead vocal, while the flip features the in demand up-tempo killer dance your blues away by ivan neville. both re-edits are now exclusively available on pink vinyl for discerning connoisseurs.
Mellow Mellow Right On
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9.95 EUR *
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