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12" Vinyl UK 01.08.19
deep ambient and experimental music from ioannis savvaidis (lower parts) on june
in stock
14.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.12.16
greek label lower parts is back with a cinematic new ep from athenean artist ioannis savvaidis. influenced by his love of old school computer programming, all four tracks are live jams made with classic yamaha machinery from the nineties. form start to finish this is an absorbing ambient release that transports the listener into the world of science fiction. gently unfolding and expanding in all directions, savvaidis invites you to cut loose and get lost in your own mind. some are tracks darker and more foreboding, some are airy and heavenly, but all together the ep acts as a movie lived out in the mind.
Lower Parts
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9.99 EUR *

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