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12" Vinyl UK 04.08.11
house bound sampler 1 with inland knights, giom and robert boogert !! drop music, one of the uks most respected and longest running >underground< house imprints present a nine-track album of brand new and exclusive music from a blend of the scenes new, most exiting and respected names. >house bound< sees industry stalwarts inland knights, phil weeks and asad rizvi appear alongside rising stars freaky behaviour, robert boogert and the sound diggers while the ever reliable giom, kinky movement and larry fives gel it all together. the emphasis been all original new exclusive one off tracks with no remixes or third track ep padding. they ve all been road tested by the inland knights and meet the quality seal of approval. as always with drop music releases, the focus is on making the dancefloor move to their trademark funky and bumping >midlands< brand of house music. drop music is now in its 12th year having released almost 75 vinyl eps from artists including label bosses inland knights, the littlemen, james curd, crazy p, joshua heath, sonny fodera, jake childs, manuel sahagun and many more.
Drop Music
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