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12" Vinyl FR 16.02.11
support from laurent garnier, deetron, manik, osunlade, brothers vibe, ian pooley, peter kruder, dj yellow, zdar, le loup, dave dk, okain, arnaud le texier, hector romero
Komplex De Deep
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7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 06.04.11
after the success of the afro-house ep ouganda/mombasa, joyful noise explore now the latin side of their style. influenced by latin jazz masterpieces and the house music artist like blaze. they give us two perfect mixes with latin piano, flutes and drums. the main mix is the dancefloor version, already approve at dance culture party by greg gauthier. the dub version, more acoustic and latin is dedicated to the joyful noise fans who loves the crazy flute chorus.
also two specials mixes with the rufuss master-touch. the acidpiano by himself and the tokyo mix edited by the brand new producer discover by master h ifume. present for his first appears on komplex de deep. hipnotic bass like we love it in house music. dont miss this ep, exclusively on qalomota records, the best since 1998!
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8.49 EUR *

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