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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: itpdwip
12" Vinyl UK 23.01.17
eye can see the darkness (in the end of the tunnel) is a shot of light in the dark cavern of a broken heart. blinded by the lights rips apart the heart-string orchestra rather than just pulling on the strings. a love ballad lost in the haze of the mid-summer. faded to blue and repackaged as a gentle and tender winter anthem. sharing the a-side with the lucid dreaming of jeremiah r on the drum-heavy remix.
on the flip. i am not him is a filter-squelching. bass-slapping meander into green haze territory. that finally erupts into a swagger of familiar detroit-channeled drums and steady faded pads. outernet grumbles up the black-hole cosmic radiation with an industrial-tinged number that plunges the depths of deep-space. proper growling and clanging synths to add the right amount of raw. just at the end.
Lobster Theremin
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12.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.09.16
bt12 welcomes itpdwip to brokntoys. founder of remote influence. a collective and record label pushing 70 s to 00s electronic music. taking an already taken decision takes on what post love would sound like with a doleful. melancholy interpretation of electro. dolphin s cry accommodates skipping. intricate minimal grooves. closing the ep haguenesse wind brings bass heavy. mechanical electro.
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11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.03.16
an anachronism is a chronological inconsistency in some arrangement. especially a juxtaposition of person(s). events. objects. or customs from different periods of time. the most common type of anachronism is an object misplaced in time. but it may be a verbal expression. a technology. a philosophical idea. a musical style. a material/textile. a plant or animal. a custom or anything else associated with a particular period in time so that it is incorrect to place it outside its proper temporal domain. frustrated funk welcomes heinz kammlers teleportation process detected while in progress itpdwip project to its roster.
Frustrated Funk
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9.99 EUR *
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