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12" Vinyl UK 13.06.18
after bursting onto the scene in late 2017. hyperloop makes his drumcode debut with green velvet in toe. followers of truesoul will be clued up on the quality one can expect from hyperloop. last october he marked the label s 100th with in the loop . a superb three-tracker that signalled his arrival on the scene and highlighted a stunning year for the label. as 2018 picks up pace. hyperloop returns with a tougher follow up for drumcode. his mentalizm ep is a classy example of his versatility. a trio of original works. accompanied by two dj tools. beginning on a menacing tip. in your mind (reflections) is a low-end brew of industrial stabs. eerie melodies and subterranean vocals. ‘s-sound is his collaboration with chicago legend green velvet and is a percussive masterstroke of loops and drum riffs which drive the eight-minute track with all the puffing ferocity of a steam train. spring on the battlefield is the perfect contrasting accompaniment. as a warm rush of strings covers a bed of intricate analogue effects and stomping kicks.
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12" Vinyl UK 19.01.18
over the course of its 15-year lifespan. truesoul has excelled at giving a platform to the groovier end of the techno spectrum. showcasing releases with everyone from maetrik and cirez d. to hot since 82. reset robot and of course label founder and a&r adam beyer. with his new techno orientated project hyperloop. riva starr becomes the latest esteemed artist to join the label. the lead track resilience is crisp and punchy. and made immediately memorable by the 90s influenced house strings that run throughout. when beyer dropped it during his recent daytime set at sonus festival. it was a stirring highlight. ‘fallen angel is centered around a sublime piano melody and is the kind of composition that was tailored made for a blissful morning set. the vinyl version also comes with an exclusive remix of resilience from terrence parker that is only available on vinyl. offering an effective contrast to the original. man-of-the-moment tiger stripes follows up his excellent body trip ep with a powerful percussive rework of fallen angel . injecting his version with an arabic-flavoured vocal.
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12" Vinyl SE 14.08.18
which guys? - - - - - >these guys! slamming dub-house and techno excursions from stockholm. tip!
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12" Vinyl UK 13.05.16
billy nasty’s electrix records launches its 2016 schedule by welcoming back the always impressive. carl finlow. carl is one of dance music’s leading lights and a multi-talented producer across a range of genres. with releases stretching back to the early 90s. well known for the 2020 vision label he launched with ralph lawson. his solo work however has often taken an electro route with releases under various guises like random factor. black labs. voice stealer. silicon scally and scarletron (with daz quayle) on labels including warp. fuel. playhouse. paper. trope. sony. klang. arista. soma. scsi. pagan. minifunk. seventh sign and satamile. it’s been almost 3 years since carl appeared on electrix. his ‘boot loop ep’ became the label’s second release after its re-launch in 2013. but it’s definitely been worth the wait. his ‘electricology 4 ep’ once again shows why he’s a master of the genre. from the tough and funked-up ‘lateral thoughts’. speckled and melodic ‘hyperloop’. squelching. bassy ‘suspect reanimation’ and sinister. beat-driven ‘latext’. right through to the playful ‘atomic level’ (a bonus track for the digital release). the ep shines. with a stamp of high quality running though its core.
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl IT 14.08.07
finest harder techno tunes by rhythm technologies and hyperloop for fans of driving uk techno
Damaged Trax
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