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12" Vinyl D 07.12.17
the german-southafrican franchise rise music takes its second turn with one of the label heads hyenah in charge. the proper mixture of joburg vibes with the hypnotic elements of modern club music creates a new sound which moves us all. bafana bafana! kristian
Rise Music
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12" Vinyl UK 26.09.17
hyenah, has, over the last few years helped forge strong ties between the deep house mecca of johannesburg and the cutting edge electronic scene in europe. with a handful of influential and pivotal releases and remixes on a few key labels (objektivity, drumpoet, poker flat, toytonics) hyenah has established himself as a major talent to follow. with his residency and label night rise at berlin institution watergate going from strength to strength, a busy touring schedule taking in ibiza, angola, asia and the u.s, we’re very pleased hyenah still found time to get into the studio so we can present you with the next instalment, the usuthu ep. lead track usuthu featuring the vocals of b’utiza opens the release in fine style with crisp, percussive beats laying the foundation for the precision synths and trademark hyenah afro vibes. those who loved the wish, tale of the dirt and the idea will love this worthy follow up! next up is a second original entitled phases featuring the hypnotic tones of nonku, a much deeper affair but with no less energy and atmosphere. just a more heads down groove for the warm ups and wind downs, nonku’s wonderful vocal elements adding the perfect soulful touch. flipping over we have a wonderful remix from the inimitable mr raoul k. the ivory coast native now residing in berlin has continually wowed us here at freerange with his boabab and mule musiq releases. with his collaborative release alongside manoo just about to drop on innervisions (including a killer dixon edit!), we’re excited to bring you an epic mr raoul k remix of title track usuthu. setting the mood with lush strings and a beautifully paced, beatless intro, raoul k slowly introduces the beats and keyboard parts, layering up the elements and building the energy in the process, resulting in a very special, dynamic version that will connect on a deep level with all who experience it on the dance floor.
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12" Vinyl D 05.01.17
the mysterious hyneah is giving his debut on objektivity, coming with two original tracks and a stunning andre lodemann remix. title mami wata has been premiered by andré hommen in his boiler room berlin set and received a massive track-id wave from all over the internet. the african vibe throughout both originals is coming even stronger on ‚soak it which includes vocals by the amazing nonku. last but not least, andre lodemann s remix is a masterpiece on it s own and completes the package perfectly. the vinyl has the exclusive andre lodemann instrumental which is not available digitally.
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12" Vinyl D 26.09.16
poker flat recordings deliver another killer collaboration, this time between berlins youandme and the analog roland orchestra. the result is reflection an ep containing more than its fair share of pure dance-floor moments. the analog roland orchestra is michal matlak, the berliner whose intimate knowledge of dance musics most iconic machines has made him a much-in-demand producer and remixer. teaming up with party starters youandme as well as vocalist black soda, the title track of this release explores deep vibrations, merging 303 basslines, crisp 909 programming and a highly effective vocal. the dub tool reworks the vocals into a more spacey arrangement, adding atmosphere for djs who like to keep their sets stripped back and trippy. the hyenah remix flips the script and develops a deep afro-house inspired cut the man from the caymen islands developing an irresistible groove stretched out over seven and a half minutes. the acid mix gives an opportunity for the guys to get busy working the 303 to its full (un) natural potential, while the morning light mix locks into a cosmic vibe shimmering synths over a smooth, rolling deep house vibe
Poker Flat
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12" Vinyl UK 20.04.16
the enigmatic hyenah steps into the spotlight once again for its third freerange release, following hot on the heels of their objektivity debut which is still causing major waves worldwide. with a distinctive sound which melds afro-influenced rhythms with european deep and minimal house sensibilities, hyenah has won many fans from across the dance spectrum and can be tracked down to a certain well known club in berlin which hosts its regular party known as rise. the idea unleashes a powerful blast of percussion-heavy beats which form the perfect foundation for sas lazarusman to lay down his distinctive spoken-word vocal. the track builds steadily, the intensity increasing throughout as extra stabs and layers of strings soar above the pulsing synths and throbbing sub bass.
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9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.12.14
the mysterious hyenah is back with a vengeance, once again delivering a vicious assault on unsuspecting bystanders with snapping jaws and a deadly snarl. ok, enough of that ...
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.04.14
is the hyenah from joburg or from berlin? it could be both, or maybe neither.
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8.99 EUR *
box set D 03.11.17
the box set contains: 5x12 inch, 2xcd, book * sound travels* by linus deckesser, illustration by frank höhne, 2 tickets for watergate club, high quality linen packaging. all tracks are new, unreleased and exclusively produced for watergate xv. the box set is limited and numbered to 1000 units.
Watergate Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.99)
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12" Vinyl D 29.08.16
toy tonics going afro house. the mushroom house compilation series part brings 4 unreleased tracks. including two of the most relevant names of the growing scene: auntie flo from uk and mysterious producer hyenah. hyenah is a favourite of the scenes main man black coffee and djs like dixon and the innervisions circle are heavy fans. also on this ep a new track by toy tonics very own zhut & kapote. kids from berlin with a good buzz right now. inside their track afro rico an senegalese child choir meets some zappaesque marimbas going crazy… and as a bonus track you find munks nigerian jam: a nigerian funk band rolling over an heavy disco beat. very deep, but very effective.
Toy Tonics
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.06.16
jimpster s much loved eel pie island track first graced the coveted 10 years of systematic compilation from last year. now, after widespread love, label boss marc romboy has commissioned a set of remixes to give the track an extra lease of life for the coming summer months. the originals, locomotive esque, slow-mo jam is taken on first by keinemusik main-man and cocoon favourite adam port. the german brings techno and minimal sensibilities to the fore but with extra tempo and swing. a mid tempo beat drives the track as atmospheric flourishes and nuanced samples create a lighter and breezier feel. an added vocal adds a hazy dose of ethereal pleasure, as adam creates another slice of musical magic. fresh from his objektivity release, hyenah offers a version of eel pie island that brings a chiming, plonking vibe, wood block percussion and bongos, all fluctuating in a sea of tribal beats, deep house and delicious sub bass. another triumph for systematic.
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12" Vinyl D 22.05.15
frankey & sandrino, hailing from germany delivered one of the most outstanding 12inches in 2014. their track lost featuring london based singer jinadu was one of the most played tracks during the closing of amsterdams legendary trouw. it was championed by many established djs such as Âme & dixon...
this release is the remix package of their debut on drumpoet including a stunning version of lost by zürich based washerman, a detroit tingled masterpiece which is hard to resist, as well as the futuristic jacking remix for starchild by berlin s musk and the hypnotic african inspired version by hyenah, which was highlighted by dixon during the last couple of months.
Drumpoet Community
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8.19 EUR *
2cd D 20.11.17
celebrate their 15 years anniversary with a 2 cd
Watergate Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 88.99)
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5xcd UK 20.04.17
john digweed live in brooklyn output - 5xcd compilation!
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cd D 21.03.16
as we launch into the 20th instalment of our watergate mix series, it seems only fitting that we turn to one of our own artists to commemorate the milestone. a man already well known for his poignant and impassioned productions and dj sets, we are thrilled to present matthias meyer as the next master of controls on watergate 20! over the course of 80 minutes, meyer skillfully navigates through boundless sonic spaces of lush melodics, organic grooves and sentimental sensations with an effortless approach. from the very beginning, emotions run deep as the sound of rain and strings on kettenkarussell’s ‘ten friends’ sets the stage as yokoo & retzas exclusive track satori and leafar legovs tribal girls establish the percussive tone of the mix. the journey really begins to unfold when back to back exclusive tracks gorje hewek & izhevskis turgoyakk and matthias own uluwatu take over. as the mix picks up steam tracks from palms trax, langenberg, hyenah and another exclusive from meyer himself provide the perfect momentum that drives us into the deeper side as the mix takes a turn towards the final stretch.
Watergate Records
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13.99 EUR *
3xcd UK 17.12.14
3 cd compilation! incl. tracks by sven vaeth, d julz, quivver, dubfire, adam beyer, odessa, patrice baeumel
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13.95 EUR *
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