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12" Vinyl JP 11.07.18
hypnotic groovin style .. incl iuly.b remix
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12" Vinyl JP 11.07.18
kvest is a dj/producer from bosnia and herzegovina. who has previously released only digital ep s. now. his first vinyl release comes in a form of pure minimal deep techno sound. this ep includes 2 original mixes in which the synth sounds are diffused through light movement and gentle variation. as well as two awesome remixes. one of the remixes is by a young dutch producer kevin arnemann. who runs his own label taped artifact. and has performed in big techno festivals such as ade and awakenings. another remix comes from the owner of kin-ben label. the human & assets. this is the 7th vinyl release on the label.
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12" Vinyl NL 17.04.15
the japanese kin-ben label offering a fine blend of some powerful techno tracks from a range of up and coming producers and some established japanese names such as akaaki itoh who has been around for a while and played in more then 20 countries/200 cities. ninja power techno!
Kin-Ben Label
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11.39 EUR *

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