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12" Vinyl NL 12.07.18
after a couple of sparking. floor-oriented releases by uk luminary henry wu and head honcho pablo valentino. mcde recordings continues its explorations of dance music spectrum with a brand new offering. right on time for the summer. . now batting is nomadic beatsmith hugo lx. who develops a new chapter in his multi-faceted discography with this 5 track opus. ranging from classic house to disco flavored jams. detouring through the ambiant and jazz fields. always with a certain eastern vibe to it. with great help from his regular contributors on bass. keys and horns. he delivers a soundscape that aims to be vibrant. powerful. yet sensual and most of all. prove to be timeless
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2x12" Vinyl FR 23.11.16
after a string of releases in 2016. french journeyman and beat craftsman hugo lx returns on balance recordings with his first house long player. supposedly designed as a more traditional 3-tracks offering. the project progressively turned into a two parts album. reflecting on past. present and future events through organic electronic music. with the loss of a dear friend and men­tor as the turning point. instead of a contemplative tribute piece. this effort focuses on storytelling. narrating crucial life moments through various song and interlude formats. colours and musical styles. producing a vaporous yet funky. jazzy and hiphop infused house music. flirting with soulful atmospheres and ambiant elec­tronic textures.
Balance Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 07.11.16
a 2-track ep of infectious groove. ‘drifting away’ comes from hugo lx. parisian hip hop beat maker who has recently turned his hand to house. to great effect. under the guidance of mona musique’s founder nick v. having already released on chez damier’s courtesy of balance this year. as well as production for homeboy sandman on stones throw. still to come is music on highly lauded my love is underground. on the flip side is tim 2t hailing from lille. a budding producer who has offered up one stonker of a track. perfectly epitomising the mona musique sound. ‘rue 32’ was the most requested track id on nick v’s boiler room session earlier this year and firmly cements tim as one to watch.
Mona Musique
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12" Vinyl US 24.10.16
french producer hugo lx returns with a new ep called “ascent” out on menace. 8 beautiful beats made with an incredible precision. hugo lx has been working in past with elzhi. large professor. homeboy sandman. oddisse. sadat x. the funk league. he is also known as a really good house producer. he proved that again with his recent releases on faces records. jazzy couscous or my love is underground. this release represent our first collaboration with the legendary fatbeats.
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MLIU 16 (2X12 INCH. 180 G VINYL)
2x12" Vinyl UK 30.09.16
nearly three years after the last split 12inch from dungeon meat and se62. my love is underground is finally back in action with an expansive doublepack of essential cuts from a wide range of producers that reaffirm the label s status as one of the leading exponents of classically rooted deep house music. with previous releases including brawther. the nathaniel x project and kool vibe. jeremy undergrounds label has done much to keep the heart and soul of real house music relevant in the 21st century. this new compilation follows in a long line of showcase releases from my love is underground. giving a platform to new talent as well as championing old favourites of the label. mid 90s legends teflon dons make a welcome return. franck roger represents the lasting legacy of parisian house music and uk mainstay tristan da cunha brings the goods in a break from his dungeon meat project. elsewhere hugo lx represents the new generation. fresh from a release on courtesy of balance. while malin genie has been rapidly building up a reputation on will & ink and lazare hoche. dj steaw has been spotted on traxx underground and rutilance. and ebony cuts returns after a debut on kojak giant sounds last year
My Love Is Underground
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press release: 124recordings are back with release number eleven the twin suns ep.representing the new generation of producers.first up is an exciting collaboration between pascal viscardi and hugo lx.both names are well known and respected individually from releases on courtesy of balance.mliu.frole and traxx underground.and this is the first time they have released a track together.twin suns is a homage to when house tracks were made straight to tape.with a killer juno bassline and raw are two young producers from germany.das carmas vitual reality doesnt hold back with a thunderous kick.rumbling bass and gritty stab.philladelphia s matpat closes the first side with work dis.with its clever use of a dj deeon sample.its a raw stripped down 808 groove.the second side opens with parisian duo dub striker.which glides along with warm embracing chords.soft pads underpinned by a bumping bassline.before fonso closes the release with the hypnotic 28 days
124R 011
124 Recordings
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.05.16
after having brought you the critically acclaimed japanese house compilation once upon a time in japan. jazzy couscous introduces one of the most promising artist of the french deep house scene. hugo lx.having worked on a strings of releases in early 2016. french producer hugo lx (courtesy of balance. my love is underground. faces) comes back with another four track offering. with help from fellow french man. korea-based fulbert. on the remix duties. expect some sample-built. bass heavy. deep fried pieces from the nomadic beatsmith. merging influences from japanese dreamy ambiant. french vaporous soundtracks and american deep dance music. this ep will without a doubt be on heavy rotation on the dancefloors this summer!
JC 04
Jazzy Couscous
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9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 23.02.16
hugo lx lands on the courtesy of balance recordings planet with an exquisite ipiece of house music on wax. inspired by his travels across japan. these tracks will cater for most djs and music lovers alike. from the powerful and dubby low altitude to the slow burner of kansai kick it. hugo lx showcases some of his musical ability and talent. hugo is the former production mastermind behind the funk league. and the frenchman s hip-hop roots take his music production take on house music back to its roots! hugo lx is the latest addition to the legacy of french underground house producers! nuff said. drop the needle on the record!
Courtesy Of Balance
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10.95 EUR *
cd UK 31.05.18
‘lillygood party!’ is the brand new bbe compilation from highly respected swiss dj alex attias. taking its name from a party he runs in his native lausanne. lillygood has gradually evolved into a radio show and even a label. now on its 4th release. refecting the music he plays at the clubnight. ‘lillygood party!’ is packed with funk. disco. deep house and boogie bullets from across the globe. “the idea is to present not only rare or difcult tracks to fnd. simply good grooves for people to play out. or listen to at home.”
from rare japanese disco gems. through spiritual jazz. to genre defying sounds from broken-beat cohorts kaidi tatham and dego. ‘lillygood party!’ takes a unique trip inside the musical mind of one of dance music’s true nonconformists.
alex attias got his start in back in ’88 playing funk. house. jazz. and disco. as well as producing under various monikers such as mustang. freedom soundz or beatless. moving to london in ’97 he started his ‘visions’ label and found himself at the epicentre of the emerging west london ‘broken beat’ scene which grew around his studio at goya. releases on people. planet e. ubiquity. neroli. archive and compost followed. as well as remixes for incognito. 4hero. ennio morricone. sun ra. art blakey. roni size and laurent garnier among others.

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Vinyl (EUR 26.9)
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12" Vinyl UK 15.05.18
here’s the new release from unknown season. now we announce the 4th vinyl release by detroit’s fame rick wade! here features fantastic jazzy dance track called conscience and philly disco rooted beat down house mack equation rick’s original. and here features remixes by hugo lx (balance. r2. local talk) and takuya matsumoto (iero. royal oak. media fury).
Unknown Season
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2x12" Vinyl NL 22.01.16
loaded comp of dj gear and smoker interludes. le sampler des copains (litteraly. the friends sampler. in french) is a 10 tracks. 2xlp bundle. showcasing both established and upcoming talents who currently gravitate around the faces records family.
Faces 1221
Faces Records
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