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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: hector javier carballo & hanfry martinez
12" Vinyl, 180gr D 13.11.14
hanfry martinez & javier carballo present overall music limited series (vinyl only). for the first release ovllmltd001,label owners get together with their good friend hector to bring us the daggers track.a trip threw the lower,dark hipnotic house,taking us back to the golden days of this sound during the first years of the decade of 2000,reminding us of the works of legends like peace division or terry francis.this release is completed with 2 remixes,the first of rumanian duet livio & robi aproaching a detroit sound in focus,where the chords and a strong bassline are the remix s leading rol,techno for the tough minds.guti is the chosen for the second version of the daggers,a mix of techno & house deepnes where guti plays with the original sounds, adding percusive elements,pads and distorted voices,giving the track some tension and mysticism.
Overall Music Limited Series
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