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12" Vinyl D 05.07.18
hatterman returns to trouble maker with his second ep. bringing the goodies with two more summer-heaters. guaranteed to cause a stir over the warmer months. the a side love somebody (everyone) is an instant hands in the air classic. made purely for the dancefloor. big swirling vocals and funk-led basslines are the order of the day. whilst those swinging percussions keep you shaking into the early hours! we thought >you can do it< was that good it also deserves a full side at 45rpm! reminding us of an early derrick carter jam. wonky as you like disco/house hybrid at it’s finest- its as tough as it is fluffy. that bassline switch-up gets us every time! festival business at its best from hatterman here… lets cause some trouble x
Trouble Maker
in stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.06.17
the first trouble maker 12” is here in full disco-led summertime force! three sure-fire summer hits. that make you smile from ear to ear and transport you to those days spent dancing in the sun… “makes you” treads the line between disco and house perfectly and delivers a summer anthem straight off the bat! the combination of party drums. howling melodic bassline and stand-out vocals makes this a stand out first release from the newcomer hatterman. “one & all” on the flip takes things slightly deeper but the focus is still very much peak time elation! think lush pads. shuffling drums. disco tints and again a killer vocal! fans of kdj. moodymann. theo parrish are going to love this! fernandos live remix fuses live bass guitar. synth stabs. arpeggiators. guitar and slithers of the original to turn it into a cosmic-disco bomb! all three are set to be festival favourites over the summer. strictly for those who like to laugh. dance and cause trouble.
Trouble Maker
in stock
10.99 EUR *
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