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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: hardrive (louie vega)
12" Vinyl US 30.05.18
2018 repress ... well. where do we start with deep inside ? originally released in the golden nyc house era of 1993, this 5 tracker literally smashed everything in sight. and still does now! the epitome of an evergreen, all-time classic release. masters at work louie vega and kenny dope were on a major roll in this era, producing, remixing, dj-ing and everything in-between, these guys put in ridiculous work. they are joined on this ep by a roll-call of names and collaborators, erick morillo engineering the title track? check. maurice joshua on co-production duties? you got it. vocals by ms. barbara tucker? they re there. killer, rock hard drums? stacks of soul? masterfully chopped up disco samples? all present. serious stuff. sometimes a record just manages to capture and distill the true essence of what this is all about and deep inside is one such record, it bears all the hallmarks of golden era maw, all the signposts of what was happening in nyc s clubs in the early to mid 90 s were there within it s grooves. you know a record is good when it s still being, quite literally, hammered nearly 25 years later! now, remastered, and reissued with the full involvement of strictly rhythm this seminal piece of nyc house history is made available again with all original, full sleeve artwork intact as per the 1993 original. this one s a straight up essential for any self-respecting dance aficionado. you know what to do!
Strictly Rhythm
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10.99 EUR *
2xcd UK 25.09.08
diese serie ist ausschießlich von den djs zusammengestellt worden,sie enthält stücke,die das erste mal digital und in voller länge zu hören sind.für die erste compilation ist hier nun grandmaster little louie vega am werk! seine musikalische vielfältigkeit erstreckt sich über house, latin, classic disco, afro-beat, jazz, hip-hop und soul.einflüsse von afrika bambaataa, larry levan, david mancuso, tony humphries and jellybean benitez rühren von der gemeinsamen herkunft, dem classic sound of the new york underground.
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8.99 EUR *
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