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HPLS 003
12" Vinyl UK 04.08.17
hamid s h+ (hpls) label continues to plough a furrow into the freakiest corners of the minimal scene, keeping the spirit of labels like telegraph and minibar alive with off-kilter beats, freaky sampling and wayward synth work from lesser known operators. g76 is up on the a side with the wonky wonders of -father-, packing some seriously squelchy monosynth bass and plenty of beat trickery to wriggle under the skin of the most deviant dancers. h+dk (hamid and denis kaznacheev) tackle the b-side with -tachtagol connection-, keeping the drums as slender as possible and using a sweet but subtle pad as the focus of the track. it s a simple approach, but utterly effective.
HPLS 003
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