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12" Vinyl UK 23.01.14
erstmalige nachpressung des album-klassikers von 1984! produziert von prince jammy mit der hi-times band und deren bandleader earl chinna smith im channel one studio, am mischpult saß als toningenieur soldgie hamilton. mit half pints größten hits: mr landlord, puchie lou, you lick me first, one big ghetto.half pint (buergerlich lindon roberts) wurde in 1983 schlagartig bekannt, als er den song winsome veroeffentlichte, der von den rolling stones als too rude gecovert wurde.
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2x12" Vinyl D 02.02.18
the studio and label digital b of producer bobby digital dixon became the ruling production house in the musical revolution that swept through jamaica from the mid-80s onwards with a lethal selection of dancehall weapons and chartbusting reggae hits. x-tra wicked gathers many of his bestever productions from those heady times when specialist stores were awash with 7-inch singles, freshly arrived from jamaica, and reggae music was once more on the rise. this great double 2lp-set presents 24 selected tracks in a double wide vinyl jacket, with just the top hits from the two bobby digital reggae anthology releases, the 2cd+dvd set x-tra wicked and the 3cd-set of -serious times- and has liner notes written by reggae expert john masouri.
Last Copy!
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 06.05.10
this release focuses on the first half of the king jammy?s legacy, when the producer / mixer earned himself the moniker of prince jammy working alongside scientist and prince phillip at king tubby?s studio in waterhouse. on his return from a long stay in canada jammy?s began to establish himself as a formidable producer and engineer from 1978 onward. featured here is the best of his material working in the roots and early dancehall vein before computerized rhythms hit the town in 1985. the much sought after pablo in moonlight city is featured here (the only track pablo recorded for jammy), alongside jahovia which was just recently revisited by johnny osbourne with bitty mclean on bitty?s latest album movin? on . monster jamaican / uk hits like junior reid?s boom shack a lack , half pint?s mr landlord and junior delgado?s love tickles like magic round up an amazing compilation showcasing the undervalued roots and beginnings of a pioneering reggae producer.
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20.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 08.03.10
this is the second in the series of soul jazz records >dancehall< series featuring the a-z of dancehalls finest moments. a mammoth two-cd pack and two heavyweight double-album vinyl additions featuring killer tracks back-to-back from the finest dancehall artists ever! yellowman, shabba ranks, lone ranger, buju banton, trinity, johnny osbourne, half pint and many more.
compiled and with extensive sleeve-notes by steve barrow (author of rough guide to reggae).
Soul Jazz
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17.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 06.02.09
once again soul jazz records digs deep in music history to bring nearly forgotten pearls back to sunlight. this time they share the best of dancehall with us - in brilliant soundquality. classic, volume 2!
Soul Jazz Records
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2x cd UK 02.10.12
limited edition, unmixed 2 cd dj format! incl. so far, everybody, surrender, close your eyes, breakin it down, petalpushing, tonight, mesmerized, dnace and clap ...with the latest release in the acclaimed series miguel migs is the latest producer to be crowned an official house master by defected records, dedicating two discs to the legacy that migs has built up during his inimitable career.
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cd UK 30.12.11
deep house-legende miguel migs aus san francisco legt ein herausragendes vocal-house-album mit einfluessen aus soul/funk, dub/reggae und italo/disco sowie vielen prominenten gastvokalisten vor, darunter disco-diva evelyn -champagne- king, die reggae-kuenstler capleton, half-pint und freddie mcgregor, singer/songwriterin meshell ndegeocello, den berliner georg levin (sonar kollektiv) sowie bossa-legende bebel gilberto.
OM Records
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