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12" Vinyl FR 29.05.19
vinyl only
Hot N Spicy
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.01.19
quality late-night balearic grooves, erotic soundtracks and crafted disco reworks is what you can expect from hot n spicy. on this one, holdtight focuses on music with a soul : a1, a warm club disco-soul anthem with « i got troubles ». on a2, a sensual-erotic tasty hymn « oh oui, plus fort ». on b1 « is there any love », a luminous gospel slow delice and on b2, a dreamy 80 s rework for real lovers. as always,perfect companion for a tasty selection and happy diggers.
Hot N Spicy
in stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 17.09.18
quality late-night balearic grooves, erotic soundtracks and slow disco reworks is what you can expect from this this new label on the map. for the first release, holdtight provides us with a hedonist four tracker : his personal retake of agawa s -l.a nights- on a1, a sensual love anthems on a2 with - my love don t come easy-, a tropical infused retake of baltimore on b1 and an underground french disco-boogie gems. it s the perfect companion for a tasty selection and happy diggers. don t sleep on this one.
Hot N Spicy
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.03.10
bristol-based kss black records are proud to present their second vinyl release:
a: holdtight ? blackstone ? holdtight make a welcome return with a rollicking slab of lo-fidelity sci-fi drum & bass. a steely backbone of percussion provides the skeleton to which a gut wrenching sub line and precision cyber-bleeps are built. full of atmospherics and stabs blackstone offers up a master class in layering grooves to capture the crowd. this one wont stop until it gets you!
aa: mute ? suspense ? the flip for this fine 12inch features the brothers mute, with a massive debut vinyl release! >suspense< has got skanker written all over it, reminiscent of the days grooverider was dropping adam fs seminal track >metropolis< on dub. modern production values are infused with the sweaty funk of 90?s dancefloor tech. heavily influenced by the sounds of photek and, more recently, break with technical drum programming and a bassline to trouble any bass bin as they looking backwards to move forward. you wont miss it when this tune drops.. bassface time! featuring on baileys 1xtra show several times last year this is not a tune to miss out on. both tracks have been receiving heavy support from bailey, lomax, survival & break.
KSS Black Records
Last Copy!
8.19 EUR *
cd UK 17.06.14
hot d&b compilation incl. remixes by calibre, alix perez, technimatic and more
Last Copy!
11.95 EUR *
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