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12" Vinyl D 26.10.18
soundway records delivers a beautifully remastered reissue of brazilian duo grupo controle digitals only album, a festa É nossa. first released in 1988, the album is now housed in a tip-on heavyweight sleeve with restored artwork.
Last Copy!
22.90 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 03.07.18
some crate-digging compilations are often the result of someone hand-picking their choice favourites from another countrys musical history, perhaps unaware or uninvolved with its cultural lineage in the process. on this release - a treasure trove of synth jams, pop, samba boogie, balearic and electro from 1980 & 90s brazil - the tracks are picked by millos kaiser, one half of the brazilian duo selvagem, who are at the helm of throwing some of the countrys best dance parties. its a rare compilation that offers brazilian music actually picked by a brazilian.
this collection of sixteen tracks doesnt comprise tracks scoured from deeply in-demand records, the rare sort that sell for eye-watering sums and that collectors spend years tracking down. they are the sort youd find for a few quid should you come across but, as kaiser says, the problem is finding them. they arent rare because everyone wants a copy but because no one wants them, not even the dealers.
out of stock
25.33 EUR *
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