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10" Vinyl US 30.06.17
killer roots on both sides, perfect companion to his sings songs- album! double sided heavyweight roots 10inch from the late gladdy anderson. made around the same time as his killer sings songs for today and tomorrow lp (now back in stock, click here!), here again are two killer tracks with gladdys sweet vocals over hard riddims from his band the roots radics. the a-side made the rounds as a dubplate first, then the vocal and dub ended up on different albums, while the b-side saw release as a single and an album track in extended format.
DKR 207
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12" Vinyl D 17.10.14
trinidad born legendary guitarist, lynn taitt, who brought the first wave of rocksteady to the island, and gladdy anderson who is well known as a skatalites pianist, got together to record this rocksteady instrumental album glad sounds at federal studio in 1968. released from the merritone label, which was managed under federal, the album depicts the heyday and best sound of rocksteady as well as the label itself. this album is for the first time reissued by dub store records. the album tracks consist mainly of cover versions of popular tracks, which were produced by coxsone dodd, bunny lee and sonia pottinger. lynn taitt and gladstone anderson added gentle flavors to their versions by their distinctive instrumental plays. federals recording facility made possible to maintain this sound quality. this is certainly another classic album to add to your collection!
Dub Store Records
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2x12" Vinyl+mp3 D 18.05.17
brand new 2017 recut finally available on vinyl for the first time. 2xlp+mp3 in full original coverart. the legendary movie soundstrack based out of kingston, jamaica in april 2008, telling the story of the original vocalists and musicians involved. the sixteenth release on the moll-selekta label shares its title with a wonderful film, a heartwarming homage to the golden age of rocksteady. it documents the recordings being made for this very album at the tuff gong studios, kingston, jamaica in april 2008, telling the story of the original vocalists and musicians involved. excerpts from an all star reunion concert staged in kingston and older archive material complete the picture. never before in the history of jamaica, which already occupies a unique place on the world map of song, its sound embraced by western popular music, has such an illustrious collection of singers and players been assembled. the album showcases 15 rocksteady classics in sparkling, deeply inspired new versions, recorded in the studio which also played host to album sessions of a certain bob marley. under the musical direction of ernest ranglin, a guitarist of considerable renown not only on the reggae circuit, but also on the jazz scene, mixed by legendary engineer errol brown in duke reids employ at the treasure isle studio in the sixties - and freshly arranged by lynn taitt

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