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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: frink
12" 24.09.21
2 vinyl only tracks, 180g vinyl
Bondage Music
in stock
10.33 EUR *
coloured 12" 14.02.20
limited colored 180g vinyl reissue (200 copies only) // vinyl only // printed sleeve
Bondage Music
out of stock
9.82 EUR *
12" 22.03.19
180 gr vinyl - pressed on vinyl only
Bondage Music
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" 20.05.15
eddy romero & frink were digging in the rock formations beneath earth s crust and have quarried a track which was forged into the newest schallbox-vinyl straight by the pressure of the continental plates! schallbox018 is an expedition through a scarcely lit tunnel, down into a mysterious and cryptic underworld. the tracks pull fiction and element unfold a maelstrom that takes us ever deeper down into a dark abyss. pull fiction in m.ins remix version is a percussive club monster that gives over to sparsely flickering lights revealing the way onwards, while the mystical voices in steve cole & ronald christophs remix of element take us back into the daylight again.
played & supported by: someone else / david keno / marc depulse / mihai popoviciu / sven dohse / stacey pullen / paco osuna / marco fender / riva starr / jesse rose / forest people / animal trainer / ramon tapia / dj w!ld / hermanez / hanne & lore / deepshape / beatamines / filtertypen / ante perry /kiko martínez / björn wilke / dj hildegard / marc poppcke / helmut dubnitzky
Schallbox Records
out of stock
6.55 EUR *
onoff recording is a record label created on 2012 malaga , spain
ONOFF Recording
out of stock
7.12 EUR *
12" 16.06.17
for our second vinyl and from now on or our vinyl releases will be vinyl only. we will go on this year with our what we like series a various that will put together our fav underground artists. this time we have v.i.c.a.r.i. the other side of tommy vicari jnr , frink and eddy romero owner of the label. as you can listen also we going to keep a more housy sound into this format and we hope is in the likes of yoall of you.
Affinity Lab
out of stock
7.86 EUR *
12" 30.04.15
the title track is a monstrous cut designed to get floors sweaty. with its futuristic synth smears, blasts of white noise and slick rubbery beats it is impossible to ignore. full of atmosphere and some ghoulish voices, it s a fine affair from this italian master. the malandra jr remix is even more tense, with industrial machine sounds zipping and fizzing about in a progressive groove, whilst martin patino deconstructs the whole thing and re-builds it as a jazzy minimal affair with sick chords, smears of colourful light and plenty of charisma. lastly, eddy romero & frink go for a dark, dubby, stripped back number that will please the real heads out there.
out of stock
7.61 EUR *
12" vinyl 12.02.15
second vinyl has landed something different this time in expmental records, berliner tagträumer² is the one selected to be in the original track showing that we don t want to keep our vinyl releases one style based and we will go in different areas also from the part of the remixes as we believe that music doesn t understand of tags and styles is just about feelings. the remixes come from the well known pele & shawnecy and the label resident artists eddy romero and frink.
out of stock
7.61 EUR *
12" 17.07.14
label boss eddy romero and frink will open the release with a track on them side , this two spanish artists that have release on labels like little helpers or bondage to name few have done a groovy track with dark vocals in same way of what you can found in any of them tracks together. second cut goes to jesus soblechero last add to the label and the artist that close this expmental records team from now on , he worked a deeper track going closer to his style with a nice work on the synths and delays accompanied with a dark voice also that is being convert as the stamp of our brand always keeping the mental sounds and style inside of it.
Expmental Records
out of stock
6.87 EUR *
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