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Spazio Records
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9.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 30.05.17
for their 12th release, fasaan recordings has dug deep into the techno underground of malm and found the drum machine anthems of frankie twilight. not your usual techno producer, the woman behind this alan vega-esque alias does not subscribe to any genre definitions. having played in a berlin-based punk band as well as acting as resident dj at a members only 78 rpm jazz club, to say her tastes are diverse is quite an understatement. the diy spirit is however a red thread throughout the 4 tracks of her synergy ep for fasaan
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5.41 EUR *
9.02 EUR
40% Discount
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 31.08.11
beginnig from 1945-1959 with jazz,blues,soul,folk,rock n roll,experimental and doowop,including billie holiday,miles davis,duke ellington,louis amstrong,harry belfonte,nina simone an many more
Year Zero
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19.49 EUR *
3xcd UK 22.08.14
a 3xcd voyage of evolution from the alchemist goldie.incl. soul 2 soul, radiohead, roy ayers, junior murvin, ken bothe, zero b, goldie, a guy called gerald, top buzz, rufige kru, commix and more
Ministry Of Sound Uk

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 22.37)
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15.55 EUR *
2x cd UK 30.03.12
the spring edition incl. brian may, nicki minaj, rizzle kicks, rihanna
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22.41 EUR *
2x cd UK 15.07.11
nachdem kris needs mit den beiden -dirty water- compilations die geschichte und einfluesse auf die punk musik aufzeigte, widmet er sich mit dieser neuen reihe der fluechtigen magie new yorks und dokumentiert dabei bedeutende musikalische entwicklungen und wendepunkte. der erste teil ist auf die 40er und 50er jahre fokussiert und enthaelt jazz, blues, latin, rock n roll und doo wop songs von kuenstlern wie miles davis, duke ellington, dizzy gillespie, harry belafonte, john cage, cab calloway, nina simone oder billie holiday. die 2cd enthaelt 32 songs und beinhaltet wie -dirty waters- ein 72 seitigiges booklet.
Year Zero
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16.37 EUR *
3x cd UK 19.10.10
3cd set of soul,funk,disco,house,techno and drum & bass mixed and selected by 2 pioneers of uk dance music a true masterpiece selection! incl. tracks from chaka khan, the jacksons, willie bobo, orbital, leftfield, lfo, pete heller, doc scott, logistics, calibre, krust, dj zinc, goldie, and many more
Ministry of Sound
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18.51 EUR *

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