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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: fourth kind
12" Vinyl UK 11.10.18
well, this is different… fourth kind the self titled mini album on omniverse records. it’s hard to pinpoint a genre with records like this, produced by marc mac of 4hero and similar to some of the 4hero output, it defies genre and fits somewhere in-between many. the production is heavily reliant on synthesisers and vintage drum machines in places but is full of real life and organic movements, this is partly down to the signature drums played by luke parkhouse. the only other guest spot is filled by nu jazz funker pascal strauss aka luman child who plays bass guitar on “take me to your sky” which along with “afterglows” are the closest we get to dance tracks, in most parts a 70s fusion feel is present. the short interlude type tracks are just as important and i would go as far as to say vital to telling the story. moogs, arps and solina strings weave patterns throughout, all in all, across the 10 tracks the album is a journey of mood and emotions. 180g pressing.
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