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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
forriner is lee forster and oli worriner.
i made music together with lee for years (alongside mick rolfe) as last waltz. he also worked as lizards with james hadfield (james released solo for me me me 02). oli worriner. is a talented young northerner who’s already making a great name for his solo output. both under his own name and his traela alias. as well his label “tunnyl recordings”.
i’m really flattered that they’ve let me release their first full solo release. and i love how they’ve brought out each others deeper and more emotive sides in these 2 tracks. shit robot is a hero of mine. i basically wore out the grooves on a bunch of his dfa stuff from just over 10 years ago. and i’ve avidly bought everything he’s released since. i met him this summer for the first time when we shared the bill at a festival. and was so happy to find that he’s also lovely guy in real life. they say you should never meet your heroes. but i don’t subscribe to that as this meeting led to not one. but two fantastic remixes for me me me 08. the originals are a bright mix of melodically analogue left leaning house. while the remixes zero-in on a punchier dancefloor vibe. with an epic version goodnight. as well a more heads down disco dub.
so yeah. links within links. and keeping it northeastern again i guess.
Me Me Me
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