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12" Vinyl D 10.12.18
formas, known from bqd40.3 and their s7m8 ep on minor planet music come here with their first own ep on dana ruhs brouqade. a 3 track ep with spooky and tribal influenced deep tech and a remix by jorge gamarra (sur)
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10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 25.04.18
minor planet music s third release by formas. where thought and concept are intertwined with light and sound. where cosmic shudders become music. where categories are obsolete and there is only impression.
Minor Planet Music
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 26.06.18
brooklyn-based parang recording s fourth release delivers 3 wonky dance-floor groovers from the promising italian duo, two opposites and the trifecta that is formas puts their own spin on the title track.
mastering by carsten dambkes. artwork by alexander mignot.
Parang Recordings
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11.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.10.17
a celestial body alive, in movement from the gravitational pull of forces yet unknown hurtling through our inner space. where thought and concept are intertwined with light and sound where cosmic shudders become music. where categories are obsolete and there is only impress.
Minor Planet Music
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 17.05.17
bqd40.3 features some new label signings that hint at the label’s future musical direction. first up is giuliano lomonte, who delivers an unbeatable groove courtesy of “reflections”. on the b is jorge gamarra & gulp from the sur label collective, who weave a tight combination of broken beats and 4x4 rhythms on “valve”, a track that comes complete with swelling synths and a modern, house flourish. closing off the package is another member of the sur collective crew, formas, whose track, “prisma”, really does take the listener on a proverbial journey. a real synth-infused masterpiece, it’s proof indeed that the next chapter in the brouqade story looks set to be every bit as exciting as what’s come before.
in stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 24.03.17
here we are again. highlights, the second release from panea is ready. first stop, an amazing journey over the frequencies by the hand of primary perception. second stop, a deep beauty from aleexe and pepe. on the other side, the master s. moreira delights us with one of his gems, no more words need to be said. last but not least, the much talented guys from formas with a very personal groove.
Panea Records
out of stock
9.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 24.02.17
sur keeps the same concept and delivers, once again, an essential va. formas, manuk and bruno di paolo are the ones responsible for this new release
out of stock
11.49 EUR *
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