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12" Vinyl UK 07.10.15
tyler from classixx solo project, a full-on summer jam. whether youre dancing to tony adams 90s house remix or going balearic to the cosmic kids remix, this record is sure to be playing at your nearest pool party in sunny california where these songs were recorded
Chit Chat Records
in stock
13.60 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.04.13
with reality on the horizon, lets play house continues to prove its not afraid to push the boundaries of house music while simultaneously broadening the spectrum of talent its roster embodies. the ep features four tracks by two los angeles-based outfits who have been around for a few years, primarily as taste-maker djs—cosmic kids and fingerpaint, a.k.a. tyler blake of classix
Lets Play House
in stock
7.79 EUR *

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