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12" Vinyl FR 08.05.18
founded in 2018 by dj and producer deni-shain the man behind acclaimed compilations space echo and pop makossa, atangana records is the logical follow-up to more than 20 years of travels, constantly on the lookout for new artists and music around the world. as a tropicalist globetrotter in this new project deni-shain, in partnership with thomas vicente, co-owner of the french restaurant le verre vole, aims to dig, reproduce & transmit cross-cultural music, usually unreachable and/or less known by the public. the goal is simple: share the love of music and to rediscover the pleasure of voicings, percussions and sadly forgotten harmonies, whether you find yourself in a jam packed club or the intimacy of your home. atangana’s first releases will be looking at the caribbeans islands, especially into haiti with the reissue highly expected by various diggers of the acclaimed single divizion by singer fedia laguerre. originally released in 1981, this first 12inch comes with a remix by voilaaa and an instrumental cut exclusively based on the additional work by the french afro-collective.
ATGN 001
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