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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: fabrizio lapiana x amotik
12" Vinyl D 12.06.17
arriving as the first release of the new sublabel series figure jams, this split ep by fabrizio lapiana and amotik serves not only as a crafty cut in its own right but also showcases a particular type of package, which figure will be facilitating from now on. the a-side is taken up by a pair of lapianaís irresistably dense grooves that unmistakebly tread in the footsteps of his homelandís highly emotional techno, unafraid of big melodies but also injecting just the right amount of twisted acid to set the floor ablaze. this sense of grandeur and space is also reflected in the work of fast-rising producer amotik. painting with his very own colours as an equally epic scenery, its bleak and post-apocalyptic landscape dominated by broken industrial beats and hypnotically swirling synths.
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