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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: eric maltz presents cristina valentina
12" Vinyl UK 29.11.18
new york producer and pianist eric maltz lives in berlin. he produces and mixes his music in a simple, subtle and elegant way and puts his music out on his own label - flower myth. in 2017, eric maltz released his first record on levon vincents novel sound, including the splendid we have power, an ode to freedom and celebration of life, featuring the warm vocals of peruvian cristina valentina. on the brooding rhythmic dancefloor, cristinas voice opens up and reminds of the power of a meaningful lyric, how a loving message can touch the heart ever so strongly. over the past year, we have power has become a permanent fixture in the possible futures record bag. the two had to learn more about eric and cristina. naked broken is the first engraving of this newly formed and inspiring musical friendship. a hot groover rooted in a rich ny house tradition, featuring di erent versions for the adventurous dj. eric maltz & cristina valentina played live in berlin on september 2nd, for the hot run! the annual possible futures open-air summer dance, along with elena colombi, kassem mosse, sassy j and tom trago
Possible Futures
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