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12" Vinyl UK 29.11.18
new york producer and pianist eric maltz lives in berlin. he produces and mixes his music in a simple, subtle and elegant way and puts his music out on his own label - flower myth. in 2017, eric maltz released his first record on levon vincents novel sound, including the splendid we have power, an ode to freedom and celebration of life, featuring the warm vocals of peruvian cristina valentina. on the brooding rhythmic dancefloor, cristinas voice opens up and reminds of the power of a meaningful lyric, how a loving message can touch the heart ever so strongly. over the past year, we have power has become a permanent fixture in the possible futures record bag. the two had to learn more about eric and cristina. naked broken is the first engraving of this newly formed and inspiring musical friendship. a hot groover rooted in a rich ny house tradition, featuring di erent versions for the adventurous dj. eric maltz & cristina valentina played live in berlin on september 2nd, for the hot run! the annual possible futures open-air summer dance, along with elena colombi, kassem mosse, sassy j and tom trago
Possible Futures
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 03.10.18
a deep and melodic 4 track ep. mind stretch featuring a bubbling delayed synth with a resonating percussion pattern, a dark and beautiful house cut. low knee cutter a playful sub bass pulse, a dubbed and delayed loop obsession made for big room systems. estuaries a deep sub bass line and clear references to the dub techno tradition, features maltz on a piano solo on this hypnotic track. messin around you a textural journey with a deep drum foundation, a swirling combination blending samples from older works, fusing them into a new musical statement.
Flower Myth
in stock
10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.03.18
nyc native eric maltz has been a professional producer and pianist for more than 20 years. after landing on the techno scene in 2017 with the double vinyl “ns-17” ep on levon vincent’s novel sound, eric maltz releases his first single on his own label flower myth. opening on the title track , a bruising slice of machine techno, the live touch of the new-york producer stands out throughout “pathway”. on “ah-shu-de-ohu”, paranoid chimes swirl out of focus while chopped up vocals command attention. free floating chords glide through a meditative soundscape on closer “line through”. flower myth will release 4 more singles from eric maltz throughout 2018, one of them a collaboration with cristina valentina, the powerful voice from “we have power” (ns17). having recently signed with uzuri booking and artist management, eric will soon be bringing his singular live techno to his home-base city of berlin and other major cities across europe and the world.
Flower Myth
in stock
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11.29 EUR
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NS-17 (2X12 INCH)
2x12" Vinyl US 09.10.17
eric maltz is a producer from new york city and now resides in berlin, germany. he is a former employee of halcyon records from its og glory days in it s first location in red hook/carrol gardens areas of brooklyn. -eric provided a sofa to me often through-ought my 20 s and vice-versa, we both cared about music above all else- we lived and breathed music- and we helped each other survive when we were penniless - if one was up, so was the other... eric and i were roommates, friends, we looked out for each other in a rough city with tough rules. every time one of us got a job at a restaurant or record shop, within weeks we would have the other working there too. we did that for a decade. we slang records for years at halcyon- a shop on smith street which had a portrait of stevie wonder painted on the front facade- and we threw parties all around brooklyn back then too.. every shitty bar that would have us lol. we were a dope team. he s the only person who has ever touched the third rail on a subway and survived too! true story. so you know i couldn t wait to release his debut lp. proud of this guy- - levon vincent
Novel Sound
in stock
19.99 EUR *
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