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12" Vinyl UK 09.11.17
spektakuläres debütalbum des dubstep-produzenten prash mistry aka engine-earz experiment, der bereits mit the prodigy, nitin sawhney, roots manuva gearbeitet und mit the streets, tricky, dj shadow, enter shikari getourt hat. symbol ist ein melting pot diverser stile, majestätischer strukturen, göttlich erzeugter sounds und exzellenter features, darunter von der einzigartigen lisa gerrard (dead can dance), soul-star aloe blacc und dem dubstep-protagonisten flux pavilion. das artwork entwarf nitin shantilal vadukul, bekannt für seine portraits vom dalai lama, barack obama und jay-z. neben cd, lp erscheint symbol auch als blu-ray audio in hochwertiger 5.1 und 9.1 auro-3d-qualität.
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20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.01.12
its been 16 years since aquasky first started bashing out the beats on moving shadow and 10 years since they released the mind altering >777< on botchit & scarper. during these 16 years aquasky have messed about with most genres at most tempos... but always retaining their trademark bass and their retro rave vibes.and here we are... the first ep from their long awaited follow up album to >teamplayers< released on passenger back in 2006. going back to their tear-out roots and fully embracing the modern production sound of now along with a firm 140bpm footing, aquasky come out fighting. >raise the devil< is an albums worth of tracks that will awaken your inner devil... powerful, noisy, aggressive and militant. taking it back to the days when people partied hard in abandoned warehouses and muddy fields. but, i expect you know all of that already... its what aquasky do, and its what they do well!
Passenger Records
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7.99 EUR *
cd UK 07.12.11
legendary bournemouth-based trio aquasky return with their 8th studio album raise the devil featuring 16 bass-heavy party tracks which include guest vocals and collaborations from lee mortimer, engine earz experiment, daddy freddy, ragga twins, tenor fly, mr. thing, pyramid, acafool, deja, roisin brophy, didjelirium and bex riley. this album sees the trio take it back to basics and return to what people expect when they hear the name aquasky! having been solid friends since the heady days of rave and acid house, the guys first hit the studio together during the jungle era and in 1995 aquasky was born, signing immediately to moving shadow before going onto release on some of the biggest and best labels including polydor, botchit & scarper, reinforced, good looking records, hospital, southern fried and mr. bongo. in 2001 they took the decision to launch their own imprint passenger as a place where they had free reign to unleash their full creativity and develop both their sound and the sounds of other acts.
Passenger Records
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6.99 EUR *
2x cd UK 05.09.11
ministry of sound provides another epic experience across 2 cds of low bass frequencies. the finest instalment to date covers the whole spectrum with radio 1 favourites skream, benga and nero to the gritty sounds of skrillex, caspa, doctor p in addition to no. 1 chart smashes from example and the almighty dj fresh.
Ministry Of Sounf
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18.99 EUR *
2x cd UK 01.09.11
a 40 track collection of top dubstep tracks of 2011, contains 14 exclusive tracks. features tracks from: nero, doctor p, benga, skrillex, deadmau5, rusko, breakage, caspa, mj cole, flux pavilion, redlight, brookes brothers, kryptic minds, and others.
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17.99 EUR *

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