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12" Vinyl D 14.05.20
athens based artist emex is back on syxt with a powerful and mesmerising single, paired by progression s stomping yet groovy remix.
in stock
8.76 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 02.10.19
limited pressing on white vinyl.
Modular Expansion
out of stock
10.52 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 27.06.18
only 100 hand stamped copies... mex is the emergent project of george apergis, owner of modular expansion based in athens & berlin. emex -zex- is the forth vinyl release on modular expansion records and comes after the release last january on credo records. the ep includes 2 unreleased emex tracks, -function mode- a hard kicker with minimal acid synth-lines, go beyond into a pumping futuristic version and -electrical highway- transpires from harder realms to acidic basslines and trippy arpeggios. the b-side is an emex version on george apergis smash hit from 2013 -ekhowax-, a perfect club tool edit with a unique us chicago style, an instant hit.
Modular Expansion
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 21.11.17
emex is the emergent project of george apergis, who is the owner of modular expansion records. his brand new release hyperion is a collaboration with studio 416, a mysterious project which based in berlin. hyperion is a hypnotic, minimal track with deep chords which progresses into darker territories while the dark strings come. the release includes 3 massive remixes. the first one has been remixed from alexander kowalski, who has created a perfect groovy tool with his unique classic style, an instant hit. the second remix is coming from the legendary brian sanhaji, who is making the track darker with his pumping futuristic version. the release is closing with the hard, minimal and melodic remix from subjected of vault series, an artist from the upcoming berlin techno scene
Modular Expansion
out of stock
9.70 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 14.10.16
emex is the emergent techno act of athenian producers george apergis and alex retsis, owners of modular expansion records. the renowned emex live performances are based on analog synthesizers and hardware equipment. emex have performed live at legendary clubs such as berghain and tresor in berlin. the brand new emex ep “z80a” includes two original tracks “z80a” and “source code”. the tracks go beyond a healthy mix of noisy techno beats, minimal acid synth-lines and dub chords. modularz records label boss developer, remixes “z80a” into a minimal acid banger with nods to rave, while george apergis transforms source code into an epic minimal club tool. early support by chris liebing, luke slater, marcel dettmann, slam, jeroen search, audio injection - truncate, alexander kowalski, ilario alicante, subjected, black strobe, mikael jonasson, 2000 and one, shlomi aber, johannes volk, philippe petit, axel karakasis, marcel heese, thomas hessler, liss c, abstract division and many more.
Modular Expansion
out of stock
9.70 EUR *
00110001 EP (WHITE VINYL)
coloured 12" Vinyl D 02.11.15
emex is the emergent techno act of george apergis and alex retsis, powered by korg synthesizers. inspired by mathematics and digital electronics, already supported by marcel dettmann, truncate, drumcell, jonas kopp, bas mooy, pfirter, lag and many others. their debut ep is a conceptual fusion of dancefloor techno with atmospheric overtones, first track 00110001 is a minimal opener with pounding chords and detroit style influences, second track 00110010 progresses into darker territories while the fundamental grooves become infused with moody flavors and third track 00110011 transpires from harder realms, concluding the release with its almost acidic basslines and trippy arpeggios.
early support by marcel dettmann, drumcell, truncate, jonas kopp, bas mooy, pfirter, lag, dave tarrida, alex bau, alexander kowalski, developer, slam, mark broom, 2000 and one, mikael jonasson, damon wild, i/y, submerge, lee holman, arnaud le texier, antonio de angelis, ray kajioka, liss c., maceo plex, gel abril, paul mac, joseph capriati, sasha carassi, pierre deutschmann, carlio lio, marco bailey, axel karakasis, stanny franssen, sender berlin, angel molina, xpansul, krenzlin, noah pred, matt cooper, plural, will kinsella, patrik carrera, barker, enrico sangiuliano, matrixxman, gotshell, signal deluxe and many more
Modular Expansion
out of stock
9.06 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.01.19
propper techno tracks from bastian balders. incl. remixes by emex & a.mochi
out of stock
9.74 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 17.04.14
out of stock
7.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl ES 07.11.13
underground acid techno label from barcelona
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
cd D 02.08.19
limited edition, 100 copies
out of stock
13.64 EUR *

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