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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: elle fitzgerald
12" Vinyl D 16.07.19
showcasing the glory of ella fitzgerald with this new entry in the dreyfus jazz reference collection.
Dreyfus Jazz
A1: You do something to me
A2: Begin the Beguine
A3: What is this thing called love?
A4: Bewitched, bothered and bewildered
A5: Let's do it (Let's fall in love)
A6: I've got you under my skin
B1: Too darn hot
B2: Angel eyes
B3: Night an
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17.54 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp D 14.06.19
classics by the queens of soul music on 180 gram vinyl.
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2x cd D 30.11.11
jazz cinema 2, a touching remembrance of poignant love, takes you swimming through the joy of music and serenity and entering into a time of majestic legends. the performers in this album includes jamie cullum, one the most popular jazz singers in the world, stacey kent, a grammy award nominee, peggy lee, who has a great reputation in both singing and film career, nat king cole, one of the most legendary jazz singers, louis armstrong, the swing star, billie holiday, and ella fitzgerald, two of the most honorable jazz queens. their renditions of songs are from inception, the english patient, un homme et une femme, cars, oceans 11, casablanca and the curious case of benjamin button, those romantic melodies which is to remind you of the classic stories and write you an most unforgettable and delicate note in life.
High Note Records
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