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ICE 1656 EP
12" Vinyl D 25.03.08
for their latest effort, einzelkind aka arno völker and miguel ayala teamed up with douglas greed for ice 1656 ep. in a1 >la belle<, a rolling, woodblock rhythm sets the scene for the abstracted keyboard tones which cluster around the trackís middle, cranking up the drama and throwing the bottom-line bass throb sharp relief, ahead of the dirty, flanged synth line thatíll gleefully force any dancefloor into submission. >la belle<ís beauty lies in its simplicity - einzelkind and douglas greed use a small, well-chosen assortment of percussive and melodic elements to create a wonderfully tense, propulsive club track with not even a hint of flab about it. for b1 >ed the optician<, the trio inject a bit of funk into proceedings. itís a slinky little number, characterised by an expanding and contracting, analogue-sounding synth-line, woodwind samples and a bouncy, morse-code bassline, together making for a warm, groving track that will work well in warm-up and peak-time sets alike, not to mention at home. b2 >squirls in a bathtub< is a similarly supple, funk-fuelled cut, driven by haunting, almost animal-like noises and which mutate into wiry acid lines while the aquatic bass drum, hissing shaker and press
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