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12" Vinyl FR 17.09.19
official re-issue - huge demanded vinyl
in stock
13.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 26.04.19
on the 25th anniversary of d1 recordings, label boss eamonn doyle revives the independent ethos of the acclaimed dublin techno label, presenting a rare 12inch on lunar disko records. the long game ep’ features four lost tracks uncovered from the depths of the 147 basement in dublin 1. an essential record for seekers of the purist techno funk.
Lunar Disko Records
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 27.12.16
nice price deal !!! incl los hermanos remix. house heads, be on the lookout for a deep descending piano hook echoing through a club near you. last seen wearing shuffling tambourines on its 909 kick, it communicates through the medium of gospel vocal and is thought to be armed with a killer bassline. this threat to society is the latest release from dublin s eamonn doyle, following up his last plate >red shift< in fine style. as the journey continues doyler keeps it deep and raw, holding fort in a fashion that will appeal to all seekers of deepest waters. on the flip, detroits gerard mitchell reworks the track in drive mode with one of those classic detroit style basslines that keeps him at the forefront of todays techno producers. another essential 12inch from d1
D1 Recordings
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4.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 10.04.07
d1 recordings mark their 35th release with eamonn doyle s >red shift< ep. following on from his recent >ghost of the machine< release on sweden s hertz recordings, here he lays down two more slices of extremely deep bass driven techno aimed at the more discerning dance-floor. the 12-minute title track >red shift< is built around a deep rolling sub bassline with layered orchestral strings used subtly throughout. the flip sides >winter sun< arrives with more shimmering strings, this time underpinned with a crisp 909 backbone and lifted with some rich and soulful lead string lines. this release is part of the d1 limited editions series. vinyl runs are strictly limited to 300 copies, after which the ep will only be available digitally. the red shift ep has already caught the ear of many of the world s leading producers with dj support coming from detroit legends dj bone, claude young, octave one and also mark broom, laurent garnier, rennie foster and kan shinomura
Done 1/ done035
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 30.01.07
finest timeless deep detroit techno groover
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
6xvinyl box UK 14.10.19
ltd to 200 , 6x vinyl box set
D1 Recordings
A1: Splitradix - PS31 Liquid Ingats
A2: D1 - Takin it Home
A3: DJ K-1 - Androgynous
A4: Time - Veneer Of Civilization
A5: Zvuku - Sleeping The 20s
B1: Sunken Foal - Nosferatu
B2: Scott Logan - B Complex
B3: Seventh Earth Project - Get Off My Planet By Sundown Kepler -22b
B4: Zvuku - Mercy
C1: David Donohoe - A Thousand Lies
C2: Annie Hall - Observer Effect
C3: LDR21 - Mid-Term Break
C4: Joni And Kaboogie - Demons
C5: Zvuku - Breakdown
D1: Shawn Rudiman - Resonant Wasteland
D2: Foot Note - Slotown
D3: H Williams - If I Make It To The End
D4: Roger Doyle - Ling Liv Low
D5: Zvuku - Rotten SC Master
E1: Five Green Circle - Bass Tells Me
E2: Whos The Technician? - Im A Klepto
E3: Alan Smith - 48a Into Town
E4: Linda Buckley - Vespers
E5: Zvuku - Grace
F1: Derek Carr - Sin City
F2: Bombjack - Extra Credit
F3: Extremedura - Hi Frequency O
F4: Zoid - Twentytwentyjj
F5: Zvuku - Abandoned Figures
G1: Visitor - Old Times
G2: Derek Carr - Animosity International
G3: Tr One - Faux Outrage
G4: Educution - Ting Percent
G5: Zvuku - Certain Ploy
H1: Eamonn Doyle - These Dream
H2: Decoy - Finally Gone
H3: Baiyon - Dun Laoghaire
H4: Zvuku - Break
I1: Donnacha Costello - PanoramaBar
I2: Nnomae Elyod - Loomereclipse
I3: Rob Rowland - MaxYMel
I4: Ikeaboy - Farcaster
I5: Zvuku - Notime
J1: Americhord - I Can
J2: Leonid - The Melody In My Mind
J3: Automatie Tasty - Thinking Of You
J4: Zvuku - Abandoned LA
K1: ASU - Hard Border
K2: Lerosa - Old And Young
K3: Shorebrix - Pullback Oberman Knocks
K4: Zvuku - First Sleep
L1: Naphta - All In The Game Pt 2
L2: Glenn Davis - Oh My Love
L3: Irene Buckley - Mother Of Tears
L4: Zvuku - Breakup
out of stock
65.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.04.10
following up his s soup plate with two slick dubby techno trax and a solid remix from eamonn doyle, captain baiyon is ready to kick your ass again, banzai! evening glow of a river brings a dreamlike quality to any clubspace. pushing the shuffle under a spectral vocal to conjour the mood of a haunted skyscraper. its a masterful synthesis of what could be called a traditional techno sound (the one d1 made a tradition of) and an undefinable lucid ambience. lupe carries on the mood onward in a deceptively gentle style, this one gets loud! a solid dub groove that keeps the pace until the intermittent breakdowns where it rips the sky open with a terrorising bubble synth growing like a raging blob monster to the size of a small moon. somehow eamonn doyle manages to tame the beast in his remix. it purrs along beautifully under his signature tamborines and jump strings and ends proceedings in a lush deep style. unmissable for anyone who enjoyed winter sun or come down on the music.
D1 Recordings
out of stock
8.29 EUR *
cd FR 01.12.08
this compilation is also the story of our parties since the beginning, of happy moments spent inparisian night-clubs, but of periods during when we were slaving away too...his compilation includes unforgettable tracks that flood andstick to your mind for ever!it would have been impossible to set up the compilation without the unconditional support of all the artists...a big thanks to everybody!
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
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