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12" Vinyl UK 22.07.15
local talk release no.61 is bewyste ep , a unique and contagious take on house music by esa & mervin granger.
Local Talk
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10.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.03.15
its with great pride (and a certain sense of defiance!) that tom and i present you with the 200th freerange release. despite the best efforts of three bankrupt distributors, an arsonist (who set the sony warehouse ablaze back in 2012) and a volatile market, we retained the fire in our bellies, a stiff upper lip, and most importantly an unrelenting passion for electronic music, we soldiered on and here we are at freerange 200!
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10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 19.07.11
fina has been soaking up the sunshine over the past few weeks procrastinating over the best time to release its next summer cut. with global warming rubbing everyone up the right way, we feel now is as good a time as any to drop fina 004. originally from south africa, esa mervin granger may now be more glasgow concrete towers than table top mountain but his grooves are pure house pedigree. from his releases under his mervin granger moniker to exclusive remixes for ooft! the cape town cat was a natural choice for a very >summer< shuffling three track jaunt.title track veloore is immediately recognisable from its soft analogue piano chords, amalgamated with a dreamy filtered vocal and a bass line which nods to the acidic side of deep house. on the remix is erefaan pearce, a fellow south african who pins soul to every production he lays his hands on. reworking vocals and bass lines into an infectious frenzy that is almost impossible to resist, erefaan draws that sunshine feeling from every angle. think las salinas and you are nearly there. completing the ep on the flipside is galaxy, a deep vocal number paying homage to all the lazy dogs. cosmic deep house aimed purely at the terrace. fina records 004: we present… esa
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8.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.04.11
esa & mervin granger returns jan 2011 with the second installment of his rememory music label project. >luxarama< is a stunning two track ep featuring an original track of the same name by esa & mervin granger, along with an edit by ali ooft and subcultures ross telford on the flipside as the midnight marauders.
esas rememory music project began earlier this year as the south african ex-pats main creative output, dedicated to his late father. the critically acclaimed debut vinyl >i stole some thunder< sold out quickly, making >luxarama< an eagerly anticipated release.
Rememory Music
in stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 01.09.10
this is the first installment of esa williams dissect series on his newly formed rememory music imprint. the aim is to combine independently produced music with unique artwork and the first project is the dissect series, the first release being an ep of his own tracks with remixes from friends, including ooft music (the revenge and ali herron), soulscan and bespoke artwork by jennifer crouch (jenist empire).
Rememory Dissect Series
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4.95 EUR *

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