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12" Vinyl D 15.02.19
the crew at its best: raw, pure house rhythm jams recorded live to tape while touring out there in 2018
Acido 029
Acido Records
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.03.17
become a slave to dresvn’s groove & get seduced by irresistible house pulses - hats off to dresvn & crew
Acido 025
Acido Records
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.10.15
* garland yourself in all the green there is — ivy green, olive green, fennel green, growing green, yearning green, wet sap green, new grape green, green of youth and green of branches, green of mint and green of marsh grass, green of tea leaves, oak and pine, green of washed needles and early rain, green of weeds and green of oceans, green of bottles, ferns and apples, green of dawn-soaked dew and slender green of roots, green fresh out of pools, green slipped under fools, green of the green fuse, green of the honeyed muse, green of the rough caress of ritual, green undaunted by reason or delirium, green of jealous joy, green of the secret holy violence of the thyrsos, green of the sacred iridescence of the dance…* (from anne carsons new translation of bakkhai, by euripides)
Honest Jons Records
in stock
10.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 05.05.14
original, mesmerising house b/w sotofett jungle-revival treatments!
Acido 016 (00016)
Acido Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 15.10.13
lovely executed, excellent, original house ep
Acido 014
Acido Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
SUED 005
12" Vinyl D 10.09.13
as true as house can get: dresvn!
Sued005 (29000)
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 09.09.16
flipping the script & keeping it fresh - a great compilation feat. the acido family in full & for good - highly recommended
Acido 023 (00123)
Acido Records
in stock
9.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 11.06.14
remixes of kowton and asusu courtesy of workshops mix mup & kassem mosse and acido records dresvn (dynamo dreesen & svn).
out of stock
9.95 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.04.13
brilliant, diverse electronica/ambient mini album in true acido style.
Acido 012
Acido Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.03.13
madteo (aka matteo ruzzon) creates music whose understatement is overwhelmingly compelling. an italian native who moved to new york city in the early 90s, madteo has forged a production style that casts techno, house, and hip-hop in a gritty, stripped-down subterranean murk. his keen ear for unusual tonalities and his inventive tweaking of rhythmic tropes lend his music a functionality that feels anything but perfunctory.
NEK 07
Nuearth Kitchen
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 21.09.12
meakusma is releasing a 12inch compilation to coincide with their party in eupen in september 2012. four artists from the line up each deliver two tracks.
out of stock
9.29 EUR *
cd D 12.03.18
dj-kicks start 2018 in fine style with another vital entry into their long running series. the latest comes from swiss dj and producer deetron on march 3rd 2018, and features an exclusive solo track as well as exclusive collaborations with steve spacek, jinadu and jamie lidell. as one of the other most famous musical exports from his swiss homeland, he has pretty much done it all from fabric and balance mix cds to running his own label, from essential albums like twisted and music over matter on music man records to club focussed 12”s on will saul’s aus music and french label circus company. after 20 years in the game, he is still in demand at key clubs around the world, and is sufficiently respected as to be able to call on big names like seth troxler, cooly g and ben westbeech for collaborations.
K7 Records

also available as:
Carl Craig - Goodbye World / Gifted and Blessed - The Dreamer
Linkwood - Love Lost
Indian Ocean - Schoolbell
Soulphiction - Criticize
Mr. Fingers - Waterfall feat. Ovasoul 7
Roman Flügel - Song of Blue
Burnt Friedmann - Plastikthai / Dresvn - First Voyage (DJ Sotofett’s extended mix)
Spacetime Continuum - Swing Fantasy (Strange Attractor Mix)
Morgan Geist - Linking Tunnel / Julie Dexter - The Plan
Aardvarck - Komt Goed
Circulation - Sincerely
DJ Koze - Let’s love
Ani - Morning Factory / Deetron feat. Steve Spacek - Choose me (Accapella)
Nikola Gala - Only (Ryan Elliott Remix)
Keith Worthy - Moon Dance
Paul W. Teebroke - Thing 1
Radio Slave - Children of the E (KiNK Remix)
Deetron feat. Jamie Lidell - Cry with the stars (Accapella)
A made up sound - Rework
Hotline - Riddim (Jacques Renault Edit)
Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig Remix)
Pepe - Benzine Electronics
Black Dog Prod - Flux
Deetron - Untitled
DJ Bone - All my heart
Francis Bebey - Bissao (Pilooski Edit)
Floorplan - Let the church
Terrace - Seventh City (Filtered Dub)
Derrick May - Kaotic Harmony
Equiknoxx - Flagged up (Mark Ernestus Remix)
DJ Bone - Dreamers 6.1
Russian - Optical Illusions
K-Lone - Old Fashioned
Jessy Lanza - Strange Emotion
Last Copy!
16.99 EUR *
cd UK 20.02.17
jr seaton aka call super, sohn eines aus new orleans stammenden jazz-klarinettisten, wuchs in london auf. nachdem er als kind zunächst spanische gitarre und klavier spielen lernte, war es die club-szene der britischen hauptstadt, die den aufwachsenden teenager in ihren bann zog. mittlerweile hat sich call super dank erstklassiger releases auf houndstooth, dekmantel, throne of blood oder the trilogy tapes (als ondo fudd und elmo crumb) und einzigartiger dj-sets z.b. im berghain/panorama bar, boiler room, fabric oder beim renommierten dekmantel-festival einen vorzüglichen namen gemacht. für fabric 92, die neue ausgabe der berühmten dj-mix-serie, widmet sich call super nach eigenem bekunden den klängen der frühen morgenstunden im club, wenn geradlinige härte und dynamik der peaktime einem verspielten und sanft wogenden ansatz weichen.
out of stock
15.95 EUR *
cd UK 18.11.14
deluxe reverse board gatefold cd 2013s self titled livity sound compilation featured solo tracks and collaborations between peverelist, kowton & asusu, bringing together some of the most exciting and visceral uk dance music of recent years to critical acclaim.
Livity Sound Records
out of stock
14.99 EUR *
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