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12" Vinyl UK 16.07.20
repress - after their very large re-make of dinosaurs *kiss me again* on volume 2, pablo and shoey go straight for the jugular again here, extending an old housed up bootleg version of eddie kendricks *keep on truckin* into 8 minutes of dancefloor devastation. pre-discogs, pre mp3s of everything ever recorded on the net, this little gem was one of the most potent secret weapons for the unabombers in the heyday of electric chair. some old fashioned, dusty crates digging by pablo turned it up - now the world gets to have a listen!
also included in the package is detroit legend terrence parker and his deep, shimmering 1996 house classic *your love*, an after hours staple for the dts boys since year dot. drenched in a hypnotic organ loop and a beautiful, tender vocal, it is house music with a warm heart and a sharp kick, perfect for a lets all have a hug moment at 5am !
Fatty Fatty Phonographics
in stock
9.74 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.12.16
dublin based disco imprint fatty fatty phonographics return with the 4th instalment of their downtownsounds classics series, this time throwing three stone-cold classics onto one 12, all given the re-edit treatment by in house producers pablo and shoey. voiced by leroy burgess, with drums by hip hop legend marley marl and production by the aleem brothers, release yourself was a huge across-the-board anthem in the clubs of nyc on its release in 1984. the lads have superglued elements of both the vocal and dub sides together for an epic end of night take on this beloved classic. the b side features two under appreciated classics from the pen of one billy nichols, a man known for his work with west end records (the levan mixed give your body up to the music ) and the funky band of brothers that was bt express. on take me... nichols hooked up with disco master patrick adams for an emotional, string drenched disco belter that has found favour with the likes of dimitri from paris, floating points and hunee. while dance if off is a wonky proto acid-disco trip beloved of rahaan and eric duncan of rub n tug. with copies going for over 300 euros, you can do your bank account and your dancefloor a favour here.
Fatty Fatty Phonographics
out of stock
9.06 EUR *

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