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12" FR 10.11.20
legendary sub club resident domenic cappello with the 2nd alien communications release.
Alien Communications
in stock
9.07 EUR *
12" NL 20.11.17
alongside long-term dj partner harri, domenic cappello has been a sub club resident since 1994. he has released many records under many guises yet this is his first ep under his own name. 2017 also marks 30 years of sub club and it feels fitting for such two landmarks to dovetail as they have. the intruder ep is 3 brilliant tracks that come from a lifetime spent in music.
Nautilus Rising
Last Copy!
9.24 EUR *
2x12" UK 18.12.18
played by rick hopkins, owen jay (batti batti / gaus )
VR 006
out of stock
18.02 EUR *
12" UK 09.04.18
following hammer s stand out release on loft records last year, canna gets the remix treatment by four killer producers. first up, lauer adds his trademark flavour to the already outstanding title track canna , bending the mind with an acidic top line and classic korg m1 bells.the a2 sees supreems take the techno edge off man ray replacing the drums with a more electro tinged style of rhythm, whilst echoing the synths into the back of the mix to let the drums take the foreground. flip it over and you get two reworkings of manaka . firstly, domenic cappello switches the breaksy flow of the original for a more club ready kick to compliment those stabs, in turn elevating the breakdown to greater effect. in contrast, lord of the isles dives deeper into the breaks feel of hammer s original, adding glitchy samples and oddball synth lines to take this one an even more interplanetary tip.
Loft Records
out of stock
8.60 EUR *

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