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12" Vinyl NL 28.11.19
more pinkman in the pipeline. this time label regular dollkraut serves 3 tracks.
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10" Vinyl NL 21.06.18
charlois welcomes back label inaugurator dollkraut, this time in company with de ambassade. the label grants permission for them to share this 10 and create their own world, so they can coexist and share stories about lost love, condolence and isolation. on the a side they come together in a dark room anthem about sex, lust and worship. it oozes with cold, heart-stabbing melancholia, yet carries the artists idiosyncratic warm and crunchy sound. the flip side scratches open the wounds left by the first song and sees dollkraut drop his soft touch. what follows is a hypnotic voodoo track, summoning dark spirits with unsettling synths, shamanic vocals and tribal jewish harp.
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12" Vinyl D 04.06.18
it also gave us a beguiling lp that keeps on giving, exciting and inspiring over a year later. proof can be found in these three superlative remixes. subversive berlin duo otto take the lead with a warm, arabic twist on the album opener bonnie says by lifting the groove with a little organ-squeezing spring while maintain its faraway haze and mystique. accurately hyped romanian-also-in-berlin borusiade follows with an overwhelming floor-ready update on have i told you. already a familiar face with the label, she weaves a chasm-like new-wave narrative that sucks you deep into the mix and galvanises the pundit attention shes getting right now. finally mannequin records founder alessandro adriani joins the party with a tunnelling twist on the somnambulant aesthetic of valium. flipping the dreams for a much darker 3am reality, it will leave your dancefloor pining for more. dont worry, theres plenty more to come. dischi autunno are only just warming up.
Dischi Autunno
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7" Vinyl NL 22.03.18
packaged in a 7inch format showing the talents of these fresh young artists. fala is a new label from amsterdam, a knekelhuis sister label that will present you with some very delicate surprises in the near future. the kickoff will be a dollkraut rework of the truly beautiful song scheef by eefje de visser. dollkraut captures the magical energy of eefje de vissers creation, turning it into a drum driven dancefloor-ready track. the b-side will contain the original version of scheef released before on her highly acclaimed album nachtlicht. fala!
FALA 001
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12" Vinyl lp D 26.04.17
after releasing a string of quality eps for the likes of charlois, doppellschall and permanent vacation, amsterdam based artist dollkraut (pascal pinkert) confirmed in 2014 with his debut album schimanskis black lullabies on brandt brauer fricks imprint the gym. the dutch producers back with his sophomore lp due february 24th 2017 on dischi autunno new label founded by jennifer cardini and noura labbani. holy ghost people sees dollkraut delve deeper into his recognizable lo-fi and organic sound, inspired by old movie soundtracks, creating gritty atmospheres mixed with the purest of melodies. album opens with instant hit bonnie said, where pascals vocals magically merge with the darkest of bass lines. valium continues the journey, increasing the tempo but confirming the feeling of being in a lost sci-fi movie soundtrack. on oblivian, the rhythm slows down again, allowing us to dive even more in this twisted yet candid universe.
Dischi Autunno
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12" Vinyl FR 29.02.16
fulgeance drops his own vision of club funk and future beats. 4 original tracks that prove fulgeance has no limit in sound. from dreamy vocoder poetry to broken dance moves, this ep is complete. even more with 2 remixes from claude (fulgeance bipolarity project) this one is for the 4/4 djs dollkraut the new sensation from amsterdam, analogue sound wizard as they’re calling him.
Ed Banger
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12" Vinyl NL 09.10.15
mastermaster kicks things off and drives a shifting sequence through a lo-fi break, plodding piano notes and a clipped, lively vocal hook before -bruce wayne- melds spring reverb and squelching flangers to treat guitar riffs and more 80s drums. eerily wobbling synths shimmer over head before -hornet green- drives a sprung kick under tense, soundtrack synth tones and a sandy shuffle as a cinematic pursuit is rendered. -valium- then sets sultry vocals floating through more hazy drum breaks and softly shifting chords. rhythmic variation and more vintage effects wade in and round off off a refreshing package of rich and intriguing gems and another fine addition to the charlois series.
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12" Vinyl NL 30.01.15
early electronics fetisjist dollkraut continues delivering heat for the freaks! three unique cuts that go from vocoder electro with live percussion to african inspired synthesizer disco
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12" Vinyl D 11.08.14
dollkraut aus amsterdam ist ein analog-klangzauberer mit einer vorliebe für space age platten der 70er jahre. für die 12- auf permanent vacation hat er zwei düster-schöne electrostücke produziert, zusätzlich gibt es noch einen magischen remix von invisible conga people aus new york.
Permanent Vacation
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12" Vinyl NL 23.01.14
new tape release by amsterdam based dollkraut. heavy analogue, drummachine driven house tracks. tip!
Tape Records
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12" Vinyl UK 23.10.12
pascal pinkert aka dollkraut is a unique specimen in todays world of clean and sterile music production. the dutch producer is best described as an analogue sound wizard with a golden touch for pop moments. his music often sounds like a past that was more beautiful, more broken and more glimmering than it actually was. dollkraut dares to sound like no one else, cinematic and glamorous, rough and haunting. his tracks are driven by a deep love for old lo-fi fuelled recordings,70s space age synths and john barry or ennio morricone fuzziness galore.
The Gym
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8.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 03.02.11
doppelschall is back! the label of brand brauer and frick with another strong forward thinking house release. its paul frick doing a solo with emika and come up with some sweet warm sounding song with a great funky groove and sexy vocals. dollkraut comes up with a more then excellent remix that sounds like dick dale & the del tones doing a house mix... killer track with much pop appeal! akufen goes all deep house with warm chords and laidback vibe.
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 14.01.10
dollkraut aka pascal pinkert is back with another great ep after his previously successful release >cheveux noir< on sound architecture. once again he shows his ability to produce a unique blend of house influenced by soul and jazz. loaded with warm and analogue sounds paired with his intuition for solid vocals and sampling.
the remixes featured on this record are done by two swinging tag-teams. first of all the well known krause duo (freude am tanzen / musik krause) with an edgy sharp jacking remix. on the b-side scott (the gym / my best friend / fluid ounce) turn the downbeat track precious fool with their jazzy twist into a dancefloor anthem. outstanding record!
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8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 20.02.09
when surfing on places and spaces like myspace you sometimes bump into something special, a rare diamond. so we of sound architecture did when we got tipped to check out the myspace of this dutch guy named dollkraut. the following week the only music played in our office was his... when we found out to by surprise that dollkrauts music was not signed yet to any label, we did hesitate or think twice and invited dollkraut to one of our events and asked him to do an ep on our label. inspired by artists such as dave brubeck, glenn miller, pepe bradock, recloose, jazzanova and krause duo, its sounds like dollkraut mixed them all in a big shaker, adding some of his secret ingredients. serving a dish to die for.. full colour sleeve with handstamped releaseinfo on whitelabelcopy.
Sound Architecture
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2x12" Vinyl lp + cd D 23.06.14
there is a common thread that runs through all of brandt brauer fricks music. it is this: interesting things happen at the interface of machine and hand-made music. the berlin trios 2010 album, *you make me real*, fused techno and classical. the 2011 follow-up, *mr machine*, saw them go the whole classical-meets-club hog with a ten-piece ensemble playing dance music live. then, earlier this year, came *miami*, a darker, more song-based collection exploring the same man-machine ideas. the berlin trios instalment of the dj-kicks series does the same thing with a mix.
the double vinyl comes in gatefold sleeve and includes the dj kicks mix-cd.
!K7 Records
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24.95 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 02.09.13
muscle tuff is the gyms label compilation. each artist took a different approach to create mind blowing workout music. this compilation proves that gym aficionados can be melancholic and deeply existentialistic, meditating on the world s serious issues, while gently pumping iron.
The Gym
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12" Vinyl D 19.07.13
incl. remixes by mouse on mars / dollkraut / max graef
K7 Records
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl D 27.01.12
remix ep inklusive akufen aka horror inc. die computer, mit denen sie >you make me real< arrangierten, haben sie eingetauscht gegen ein zehnköpfiges orchester samt sängerin!
inklusive code für kostenfreien download dieser ep.
!K7 Records
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7.99 EUR *
2xcd UK 06.04.16
gong! runde fünf der selected label works compilation serie wird eingeläutet, und aus den tiefen des permanent vacation katalogs der letzten 2 jahre gibts geballte vielvalt hochkarätiger musik: hypnotischer house von mano le tough und lake people, vocoder poesie von new jackson, techno von tuff city kids, locked groove und north lake, discoschätze von midnight magic, lauer und thomalla, die lieblingsnummern der dancing crowd von tb, daniel bortz & sascha sibler, cineastischer elektro von dollkraut, und meditative madness von alex burkat, the drifter & benjamin fröhlich. alles in allem 22 nummern auf 2-cds.
Permanent Vacation
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16.99 EUR *
cd D 26.02.15
limited nice price action !! dj hell steht nicht nur für eine bestimmte art musik, sondern für einen ganzen lifestyle, eine eigene Ästhetik – und sein neuer mix, body language vol. 9 ist vielleicht die platte, die das facettenreiche gesamtkunstwerk hell am ehesten zu bannen vermag.
Get Physical Music
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8.99 EUR *
cd D 08.04.14
theres a common thread that runs through all of brandt brauer fricks music. it is this: interesting things happen at the interface of machine and hand-made music. the berlin trios 2010 album, you make me real, fused techno and classical. the 2011 follow-up, mr machine, saw them go the whole classical-meets-club hog with a ten-piece ensemble playing dance music live. then, earlier this year, came miami, a darker, more song-based collection exploring the same man-machine ideas.
!K7 Records
out of stock
13.95 EUR *
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